Sunday, October 7, 2012

Who is Mitt Romney, really?

A few days ago good, obedient liberal David Letterman, an expert in political matters no doubt, spouted the battered and bloodied Obama campaign line once again..."Mitt Romney is a felon."

Letterman, and the other liberals throughout the Obama campaign all the way up to the very top with King Barry himself are continuing this line of attack. With such a dismal record both economic and foreign, the reelection campaign of failed president Barack Hussein Obama has no other alternative. They must run a campaign of negative attacks on Mitt Romney. To do this, they have spent hundreds of millions of dollars running attack ads in battleground states, molding the delicate narrative of Mitt Romney's dangerous persona...he is too rich, he has never paid taxes, he keeps all his money in offshore accounts, he hates women, he hates poor people, he hates dogs, etc.

The Obama campaign has spent too much time and energy painting Romney negatively, with the help of the state run media entrenched around their camp. That is why the first presidential debate was so devastating. It was the first time the American people could actually see Governor Mitt Romney without the media/Obama campaign filter spoonfeeding the the public the distorted information they desire. For 90 minutes, 70 million Americans saw Mitt Romney in action and they liked what they saw. He was articulate, genuine, aggressive, passionate, and focused. Obama said "uhh" and looked down at his feet.

So, because the media and the Obama campaign want to make Election 2012 all about Mitt Romney, I thought I would share a few facts with you about him.

* From 2003-2007, while serving as the Governor of Massachusetts, both Mitt Romney and his lieutenant governor took no salary.

*In 2002, while serving as the CEO of the Salt Lake City Olympic Games, Mitt Romney vowed to take no salary unless the Games made a profit. After reversing an initial deficit into a 100 million dollar profit, Romney donated his entire earnings as CEO to charity.

*In 2011, Mitt Romney donated over 4 million dollars to charity, amounting to 30% of his entire income. (President Obama donated 21% and Vice President Biden donated 1.5%).

*In 1996, after being notified his business partner's daughter had gone missing, Mitt Romney, who was working at Bain Capital at the time, immediately shut down the firm, set up a command center in NYC, enlisted the help of private detectives, set up a toll free hotline, and coordinated efforts with the NYPD to help find the missing girl. 5 days later, after receiving a tip on the hotline, the 14 year old girl was found.

*In 1979, Mitt Romney, then the pastor of a Mormon church in Massachusetts, built an ongoing relationship with a cancer stricken boy who was bedridden in the hospital. Romney visited the boy often, helped him write a will, and upon the boy's wishes, conducted the eulogy at his funeral.

*Between the ages of 19 and 21, Mitt Romney spent 30 months as a Mormon missionary in France. During the time, Romney went door to door and reached out to the local French population, many times ending in rejection. Romney lived in a crude dorm for his entire time in servitude.

*During the race against Ted Kennedy, Mitt Romney visited a VA hospital in Boston during the campaign. While visiting, he asked the hospital administrator what they were lacking. They told him they needed milk, 7000 pints to be exact. That next week, a milkman delivered 7000 pints of milk to the VA hospital, paid for by an anonymous donor. That donor turned out to be Mitt Romney.

*Mitt Romney helped fund and build a small park dedicated to the son of a neighbor, Joey O'Donnell, who had died of cystic fibrosis. Directing the local boy scout troop, Romney helped maintain the park for the next five years, never once notifying the press or attempting to take credit.

*Mitt Romney paid the college tuition of two boys who had been seriously injured in a horrific car accident. Reed and Rob Nixon, sons of friends Mark and Sheryl Nixon, were left handicapped by a car crash in 1995, just before Christmas. The Romney family visited them, bringing gifts, holding a 5K fundraiser for the family, and eventually paying for Reed and Rob's college tuition.

The more you study the life of Mitt Romney, the more you actually learn who the man is. This is coming from someone who formerly despised him. Before Mitt Romney became the Republican nominee for president, I freely admit, I hated him. I thought he was a pandered, rich, Massachusetts liberal who cared not for the petty needs of the general American populace. I was wrong. Mitt Romney shows a life of dedication, commitment  leadership, and hard work.

Compare this to Barack Hussein "Barry Soetoro" Obama, or whatever his name is. Where are the personal stories of Barack Obama's kindness and generosity? Where are the personal accounts of what type of person Barack Obama is? Where are the college friends who are so proud of their friendship with him? Where are the people whose lives have been changed by Barack Obama? When Mitt Romney was 19, he left his family behind and traveled to a foreign land in dedication to his faith. When Barack Obama was 19, he was hanging around with the "Choom Gang", getting high, getting drunk, and fantasizing about the coming Communist revolution in the United States. Think long and hard about that for a while.

Mitt Romney's life is a puzzle that has been completed. Every piece is in place and you can see the picture of  who he intelligent, successful man who loves his family, is dedicated to his faith, and loves the United States. Now look at Obama's life. It is a half completed puzzle. There are open areas we know nothing about. The edges have been completed as his term has progressed, but gaping holes remain in the middle. We know next to nothing about his times at Occidental College and Columbia University. We know a little about him taking a trip to Pakistan in the early 80's. We know he had a social security card from Connecticut, a state he never lived in, but no clarification. Everything about his early life is a mystery. Shouldn't that be of concern to conservatives and liberals alike? It should.  We do know the people he did associate himself with. People like Bill Ayers, Rashid Khalidi, Derrick Bell, Frank Marshall Davis, Tony Rezko. The question isn't about who Mitt Romney is. All you have to do is dig a little and you'll know. The question is, who is Barack Hussein Obama? I know, some of you know, and more of America needs to know.

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Silverfiddle said...

But did he ever lead a choom gang? Huh? Huh? Huh?

Michael Corleone said...

This may be a bit off topic, but what I want to add was the following, When Obama killed bin Laden, and "spiked the ball" and took the credit for it, at every chance and every opportunity that he was able to and bragged at the democrat convention about the killing.and thus got a helicopter full of Navy Seals killed, Well now he can add the killing of four Americans on the 9/11 anniversary attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazito to his list of accomplishments.

Hack said...

Obama's foreign policy has been more warrior like than Bush's. Obama's non existent list of accomplishments forces him to spike the football on the bin Laden raid time and again. Just wait until the debate on foreign policy. He will spike the football about 30 times.