Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Best Liberal Reactions to Mitt Romney's Epic Debate Smackdown of Obama

How did the left react to Governor Romney's epic spanking of little Barry?

Just a few of my favorites...

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but Obama looks like he DOES need a teleprompter."
---Bill Maher

"But Romney's closing statement - very, very vague and highly deceptive. And is it me, or does he even sound like Reagan? And his final statement is on defending Medicare! He's the protector of that entitlement, even as his actual plan is a radical overhaul of it. --- How is Obama's closing statement so f*cking sad, confused and lame? He choked. He lost. He may even have lost the election tonight."
---Andrew Sullivan

"He was like, 'Oh an hour and half? I think I can get through this thing. And I don't even look at this guy.' Whereas Romney -- I love the split-screen -- staring at Obama, addressing him like prey. He did it just right."
---Chris "Not so tingly anymore" Matthews

"This is what happens when you pick John Kerry as your debate coach."
---Michael Moore

"Mitt Romney came with a chainsaw."
---James Carville

"I think he was off his game. I was absolutely stunned tonight."
---Ed "conservative women are whores" Schultz

"Obama comes across as a constipated professor."
---Nicholas Kristof


Reaganite Independent said...

Good stuff Hack, tweeted

Hack said...

Thanks! It was a deliciously good night.

Fredd said...

Last night was like watching Rowan and Martin, and Barry was Martin: 'Say goodnight, Barry. "Goodnight Barry." Mitt mopped the floor with the Bamster if you ask me.

Silverfiddle said...

Lefty meltdowns are so fun to watch, and I love the picture!

FreeThinke said...

I love your "spanky" picture, Hack!

I can't agree with those who use violent, brutal images to describe Governor Romney's take down of the president, however. Romney was ever the perfect gentlemen, always poised, always polite. The sweet, patient, faintly amused look on Governor Romney's face throughout the performance was priceless, but also reassuring about the man's character. There was no trace of calculation, affectation, or any sadistic desire to hurt.

BRAVO, Governor Romney!

Romney's great advantage, of course, was that he alone on that stage last night was in possession of the facts.

Obama spouted lies and silly assertions in a cascade of verbal diarrhea -- he just could NOT shut up. And the more he rattled on, the worse he appeared. No one, however, could righty accuse him of being tongue-tied without his teleprompter. If anything he was more loquacious -- and vacuous -- than ever last night.

Please check out my review at:

Thanks again for your great image -- and for bundling all those negative quotes on Obama from the left.

I didn't know Andrew Sullivan was still alive, it's been so many years since I've seen him on television, but from the Sullivan I knew back when he made regular appearances on C-Span's Washington Journal, I could never categorize him as a "liberal" -- flaming or otherwise.

He's a brilliant, very articulate, cheerful sort of fellow with a fine British accent, and a manner always temperate and well under control.

Perhaps he's just become more like the late great Christopher Hitchens, a fellow Brit, who prided himself on being unpredictable?

Anyway, it was a success for Romney last night, but frankly the president surprised me by being as poised and pleasant as he was. Considering his disgraceful performance in office Obama proved once again what a cool, polished, unflappable LIAR he really is.

Admit it: The guy's a PRO.

~ FreeThinke

Pedaling said...

I missed some of those funny.
Thanks for sharing them.
And love the cartoon graphic---so much so that I used it on my post today, as well.
Last night was fun!

Hack said...

Romney manhandled little Barry like the child he is. Obama - Teleprompter = pure entertainment.

DaBlade said...

Haha! We had the exact same idea but yours is the best!

Anonymous said...

Obama (Muslim Operative) man-child should be allowed to interact with the children in Academia only!

Romney PUNKD the Punk, loved it...