Friday, October 26, 2012

President Obama is imploding right before our very eyes.

Could you imagine for one second if Mitt Romney called Obama an obscene word? Or if Mitt Romney giggled and joked about Obama's name on the stump? Or if, as we have just learned today, Mitt Romney's official campaign posted a photo of Obama like this...

This is beyond desperate. It is completely childish. I would be very worried if Mitt Romney were resorting to petty attacks like this. Thankfully, Mitt Romney is the adult in the race talking about big things. Barack Obama has shrunk from the hope and change icon on 4 years ago, to a divisive, small, and bitter man.

For a sitting US President to refer to his opponent in public, out in the open, as "a bullshitter", or for him to joke for a prolonged period of time about his opponent's name, or to release a ridiculous photo like this is unprecedented in American presidential politics. Unprecedented. 


Adrienne said...

Check out Obama's latest music video ad. Embarrassing, tacky, and classless - just like him!

Hack said...

What presidents or presidential candidates, of either party, have been as despicable and immature as Obama has been in 2012?

Jan said...

The last days of the 2012 presidential election are a study in contrasts. Barack Obama has chosen to end his final campaign with an appeal both sour and small — Big Bird, binders and Romnesia. It is little wonder that Mitt Romney’s personal favorability rating now exceeds the president’s. Obama’s closing message is remarkable for its aggression, mocking tone and sheer triviality.

Obama has be-littled himself.
The problem is that he did not have a record that he could run on and had to spend a billion dollars going ugly


I predict that Obama will deliver the snottiest, most ungracious concession speech in American history - with his moocher standing next to him glaring at the cameras.

Gorges Smythe said...

The morons who voted for him in 2008 still won't care.

Reaganite Independent said...

'When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser' -Socrates