Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Who is Barack Obama, really?

Earlier this week I wrote a lengthy post titled 'Who is Mitt Romney, really?'

Now it is Barack Hussein Obama's turn.

This is done on a whim in response to a report that Obama truly thought he had won after last week's debate ended. Really? Yes.

According to an insightful report from the UK's Daily Mail, President Obama initially thought he had beaten Romney at the close of the debate. Among other things...

*Obama continued to ignore top aides during debate prep.
*Obama took an entire day of scheduled debate prep to visit the Hoover Dam instead.
*Obama was so disdainful of Mitt Romney, he felt he didn't need to take the time to prepare for the debate with him.

This is an open door into the brain of Barack Obama. This is who the man is. He is a grade A narcissist who thinks everyone loves him. He thinks no matter what the circumstances, everyone will still fawn over him like obedient serfs. He thinks he is so great, he doesn't need to take the time and effort to prepare for petty things, like presidential debates.

He also despises Mitt Romney. He hates everything about Mitt Romney. He hates that Mitt Romney was a privileged child. He hates that Mitt Romney was a corporate businessman. He hates that Mitt Romney is white. He hates that Mitt Romney is a capitalist. He hates that Mitt Romney is patriotic. He couldn't even bring himself to make eye contact with Mitt Romney during the debate. Obama is an arrogant, childish, over confident, snide, SOB and it shows. Even his top aides know it.

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The Political Chic said...

The leftist’s, the Independent’s, and the undecided can now easily make up their minds. After yesterdays hearing, there shouldn’t be any doubt in anyone’s mind that this bunch of filthy lairs are in over their hears and can not even get their lying Cover-Up story together. They themselves state that they had evidence that the State Dept. knew of the threat and still they did nothing. The disgusting Democrats have made a political game over the death of 4 Americans to protect their dishonorable president and Madam Sec. of State while honorable people have died because of them. Madam Sec. of State should either step down or be thrown out of office she is in way over her head, just like her boss is. How can they look the American public in the face after what they did! And they still call Nixon names for what he did. What he did was small potatoes compared to being responsible for the murder of 4 loyal Americans who died for their country.
And these are the people who making American policies, and want us to vote for them? Are they kidding. And where was Hillary during those hearings? Why did she send her assistant there instead of her being there? Does she know something we don't know, and was afraid that she would be forced to tell the truth ?