Thursday, October 11, 2012

Joking Joe Biden Drives Undecided Voters Straight to Romney.

Liberals loved Joe Biden tonight! He was everything Obama wasn't last week, and MORE. But that's it. Naturally, liberals will love the fact Joe Biden interrupted Paul Ryan 82 times, or his incessant horse toothed smiling, his grunting, snorting, laughing, smirking and overall childish antics.

But Joe Biden's childish and unprofessional behavior tonight didn't impress anyone other than already committed Obama voters. No one likes a complete condescending jerk, and that's exactly what Joe Biden was tonight. Every undecided voter who saw Joe Biden tonight just decided to vote for Romney, mark my words.

Perhaps the most disturbing? While Paul Ryan calmly and professionally stated the known facts on Iran's nuclear capabilities, Joe Biden, the Vice President of the United States just a heartbeat from the presidency, thought it pertinent to laugh, chuckle, and smile like a second rate clown for hire. That is scary.

Joe Biden lost tonight. He didn't change the race. He didn't help reverse the momentum. He did more harm to the Obama ticket than good. He tried too hard to be the tough guy and it was so over the top, even CNN analysts say he was disrespectful.

CNN says viewers say Ryan won.

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Silverfiddle said...

Biden was a smirking monkey who was ready to bite your face off. It only played well with the hooting loonies on the leftwing fringes.