Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gallup: Romney 52 Obama 45 among likely voters, RCP electoral map now 206-201 Romney

Gallup: Obama vs. Romney tracking

This poll has a 2% margin of error. My prediction for the election was a 2-4% popular vote victory for Romney. It could be a 5-7% landslide.

The Real Clear Politics electoral map has now shifted North Carolina from a battleground state to 'leans Romney', giving him 15 additional electoral votes and now putting him ahead of Obama 206-201. According to RCP, Romney is ahead by 5.6 points in North Carolina.

In May I predicted North Carolina was no longer a battleground state after Obama voiced his support for gay marriage. 


LibertyAtStake said...

Upon receipt of this news, David Axelrod choked on a chicken bone. David Plouffe attempted the heimlich maneuver but lacked the physical strength. Fortunately, Valerie Jarrett was paged in time to perform the maneuver before Axelrod asphyxiated.

Hack said...

Maybe Godfather Axelrod will go bully Gallup again and then sick Eric Holder on them like he did earlier this year.