Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Obama Voters = Pure Stupidity

Western Hero beat me to the punch on this one with his post titled Why The Debates Don't Matter.

His analysis is spot on and historically, presidential debates really don't affect the outcome of elections. Everyone is giddy for the opening dish tonight with Obama vs. Romney Round 1. But here is how it will turn out:

Each candidate will go through their prepared remarks, their prepared jabs, and their prepared answers. It might get a little testy at times, with each going off script. Romney will confront Obama on his dismal economic record to which Obama will respond with attacks on Romney's so called outsourcing while at Bain Capital. They will then shake hands and the media will gleefully declare Obama the winner.

The fact is, Obama doesn't have a leg to stand on, whether it is economic or foreign policy, yet people still blindly follow him simply because he is black. 8.2% unemployment for 43 straight months? Bush's fault. Anemic economic growth? Bush's fault. Collapsing foreign policy in the middle east? Bush's fault.

Obama has a solid 47% of this country sewn up. He has the voting bloc known as the stupid vote in his corner, and no outstanding debate performance by Mitt Romney will change that.

Prepare yourself for these debates. No matter how well Romney performs, he will be declared the loser in the dying, withering carcass known as the media.  


Fredd said...

You are right, Hack, as usual. The dopes (Obama's stupid constituency) will vote for the guy regardless.

I have faith that part of that 47% is not happy being in that crowd, however, and support Mitt's philosophy. And the other 53% of us are in Mitt's corner.

I still smell a landslide, for Mitt.

Hack said...

Indeed, and here's the thing the Dems and media libs don't understand...the blacks and the youth will not turn out for Obama like they did in 08. In 08 it was the "cool" thing to do. Now, like all other elections before, it is just a hassle to register, to actually go to the polling place and cast a ballot. He will not get massive turnout from those two groups.

Fredd said...

The enthusiasm gap will be enormous in November. Most conservatives I know would crawl naked through 10 miles of broken glass to vote, while most of Obama's voters think it's a hassle to walk out to the mailbox to get their 98th weekly unemployment check.