Thursday, October 25, 2012

DESPICABLE: Latest Obama campaign ad urges young females to lose their virginity with Barack Obama.

Let's sum up Obama campaign 2012:

-Romney hates dogs! He strapped one to the top of a car!
-Romney hates gay people! He pranked a gay kid in high school one time!
-Romney caused a woman to die of cancer!
-Romney is a felon! He has never paid taxes!
-Romney supports rape because of Todd Akin!
-Romney is going to kill Big Bird!
-Romney has binders full of women! 
-Romney has "Romnesia! (hehehe!) 
-Romney is a "bullshitter"! 

Now, the latest official Obama campaign ad parodies young women losing their virginity like voting for Obama. This is absolutely vile. How can you liberals really support this type of campaign?


Average American said...

That's WORSE than despicable!

Keep your eye on Ohio and Michigan. October surprise might be Jeeps being made in CHINA, maybe ALL Jeeps! What a GREAT use of our stimulus money! I'm surprised I haven't seen any other blogs about it yet. I'm never the first--til this time I guess. I found it at Bloombergs and Washington Examiner.

Silverfiddle said...

Democrats pushing the pornification of America.

This is what a campaign looks like when it has no record and is bereft of ideas.

Pedaling said...

obama, those in his camp, progressives in general, have the maturity level of a middle school boy-