Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Berlin, Wisconsin bus driver tells 12 year old he should have been aborted...because of Romney yard sign!

Why is it always the liberals who get nasty with innocent children over their whackjob political views?

The latest incident comes from New Berlin, Wisconsin, where a 78 year old female bus driver told a 12 year old boy on her bus that his parents should have aborted him because they had a Romney Ryan sign in their yard. The bus driver has since been fired.

Even an old woman like this, who could be your sweet grandmother, has the potential to morph into a pile of  steaming feces due to the virus of liberalism.

But it isn't just her. Just a few weeks ago another Obama supporter, teacher Lynette Gaymon of Philadelphia, humiliated and harassed a 16 year old female student in class for wearing a pink Mitt Romney t-shirt, comparing it to the KKK.

During the recall election in Wisconsin, liberals corralled a group of elementary school children on a playground near a polling place to chant "No Walker! No Walker!".

In 2008, a teacher in North Carolina reprimanded a young girl because she said she didn't support Obama. The young girl's father was then serving in Iraq.

During the primary season this year, a middle school teacher in Virginia assigned his students a project that required them to research all of the weaknesses with the Republican presidential candidates, and send their findings to the Obama campaign.

I have collected plenty of other examples of Obama zombies intellectually abusing children here.

The closer the election gets, the nastier the uncivilized Obama zombies become. Last week, black actress Stacey Dash was subjugated to vicious racial slurs after announcing her support for Romney. Days ago, a report from Virginia showed Obama supporters stealing Mitt Romney signs and covering others with human feces.


Fredd said...

Libs can't help themselves. I was out on the Left coast to catch an Oregon vs Fresno St football game, and stayed with a boyhood friend and his wife in Portland. They have become so bloated with the Kool-aid out there, the wife actually said that she coudln't understand the crazy thinking of Red Staters, as 'we progressives (she hates the word liberal) are the reasonable thinking people.'

Since I was their guest, I just shut up, since there's no use: they just can't help themselves.

Hack said...

There is such a divide, I think we should divide the nation at the Mississippi and each side can have their own nation. I hope and pray.

Gorges Smythe said...

We shouldn't be surprised at the immorality of the left, that is, after all, what most defines them.

Kid said...

liberals are fascists. they prove it everyday.