Tuesday, October 9, 2012

As black Americans voice support for Mitt Romney, true liberal racism is exposed.

Black actress Stacey Dash recently voiced her support for Mitt Romney on her Twitter page.

As expected, she was met with a tidal wave of left wing racism, such as the following responses.

The libs and Obama bruised knee brigade just can't help themselves. They are inherently racist. They are itching to hurl racial slurs. Any articulate, open minded black conservative who makes their opinions know is chastised by Democrats in the most racist and revolting of ways.

Here is a new ad from the Romney campaign showing some of his African American supporters. As the liberals watch this, they can't help but think..."Uncle Tom", "Oreo", "Token", "House Nigger"...

Notice the difference between black Americans who are conservative and black Americans who aren't? 

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BlackLiberal said...

These aren't "liberal racists", they are just racists. I don't agree with Ms. Dash's political affiliations, but I fully support he right to back any candidate of her choosing. You can't define a whole group by a few people. If that were the case every conservative would equal KKK.