Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My message to liberals and libertarians who diss American troops.

I hear the same old convoluted drivel from America hating progressives who hate the military and the anarcho-peacenik libertarian followers of Lew Rockwell and Alex Jones...I get it, we all get it...you hate the military, think America is an evil imperial power, and you really like to stress that the American troops fighting and dying for our country are misled pawns of the elite. As if they can't think for themselves. They are fighting for oil. They are baby killers and rapists. Yep.

Well screw you all. American troops, across every branch, have the guts you never had. They made the decision you never could. They made the sacrifice you never will. They deserve the respect you will never give them. Well, that's ok. Because while you sit in your childhood bedroom whose walls are plastered with Obama 08 or Ron Paul 2012 posters and permeating with the smoke from your little rolled up spliff while you dutifully type your bastardized conniptions and impulsive accusations directed at American fighting men and women, there are troops out there in the world, many much younger than you, sleeping in mud and dirt, covered in sweat and blood, doing their duty and missing their loved ones. You see your family every day. They don't. You run to the nearest Taco Bell every night at 2am every time you get the munchies from too much weed (shhh! don't let Mom know you took her car keys...). They get 2 MREs a day, if they're lucky. You piss your preppy little pants you got from Abercrombie and Fitch if you hear a small firecracker go off. They hear and feel the concussions of heavy artillery and mortar fire every day...and it's directed at them. You whine if your internet connection goes out for five minutes. They are happy to get a hand written letter that took 3 weeks to arrive.

The troops are everything you whiny little children aren't. You couldn't even imagine what they experience. What have you done? Covered your little Toyota Tercel in peace and love stickers? Well done. Would you ever be willing to actually fight to preserve that peace? Probably not. The day that you actually had to fight to defend freedom and peace, you would hide in the back room of the nearest Obama campaign office. But, hey, you put a sticker on your car. Good job. You deserve a gold star.

Just keep doing what you're doing you little, spineless, ball-less, tubs of intellectual lard. Diss the troops. Call them baby killers. Say how awful America is. "Yeah! American troops are stupid pawns of the elite! Yeah Alex Jones said so!" 

Just remember...all you can do is talk and complain. They are actually doing something.


Anonymous said...

Uh, Ron Paul supporters support our troops, many Ron Paul supporters ARE our troops which is why he got more donations from the military than all the other GOP candidates put together. In fact, unlike Romney whose top contributors are banks and funds, Ron Paul's top three contributors were Army, Navy and Air Force.

You might want to look past the simplistic, to the truth.

Hack said...

Yeah, I know you Ron Paultards would get your britches in a wad over this, and I'm glad it did. Most of the Paul supporters I know dislike the military. They are no different than the libbie anti-war activists.

rosey said...

Hey Hack,

One thing I haven't seen since before Bush left office are the very same war protesters you speak of. All of a sudden, since Obama is CINC it isn't an elitist oil thingy. Hmmmm, how bout that?

Hack said...

Yes Rosey, it's funny how all the anti war protesters go into hibernation when a Democrat war president is in power.

Anonymous said...

We don't "Dis" American Troops, we save them.

Yes were the ones that say ... Hey Vet you deserve the GI Bill ... Repigs during the Iraq war brought them home 1.5 days before they qualified. To SAVE money. The GOP has the worst record of approving PTSD. FACT. The Repiggy's if you remember, volunteers had to pay for Up=-Armor and Body Armor. Oh Rumsfeld thought the war would be over in a year. With Flowers and open arms ... and 10 years later ... longer than any War the US fought. Longer than WWII. Such a waste of our treasure.

When a Dem had to embarass the congress into paying for the 1st Responders of 9/11. This BS Blow Job the Repiggy's sell you is BS.

Wake Up!

Hey Obama ORDERED the kill of Bin Laden!

Navy Seals 1 Bin Laden 0 (I saw that on a bumper sticker here in AK)

Navy Seals ... Under our (Dem) Commander in Chief. Your President and Mine killed his Ass!!

You lose on taxes and now you lose on defense. It's Barak. Sorry.

White Guy in Alaska!

Anonymous said...

As soon as you went into the "soldiers made a decision you never will" I stopped reading, and post this comment. Shut the hell up. Just because they made a dumb ass decision that might cost them their life, doesn't make them any tougher than me. That's like saying if you don't play chicken with me on the highway, you're a weak scumbag. So please. Shut the hell up.

Hack said...

Oh, did I hit a nerve?