Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wisconsin voter claims young children chanting Barrett's name outside polling station

Voter: Elementary students politicking near West Allis poll site

The 25-year-old West Allis man said he had just finished voting in Wisconsin’s gubernatorial recall election at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School on Orchard Street when he heard a chorus of young voices chanting: 
“Barr-ett! Barr-ett!” ostensibly for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, the Democratic challenger to Republican Gov. Scott Walker. The next moment, Weh said, the children began chanting, “No Walker!! No Walker!!” 
The elementary students, Weh said, were standing on a playground, fewer than 40 feet from the polling station. “I stood there for a few minutes to make sure I was hearing correctly,” he told Wisconsin Reporter. 
“I thought it was outrageous the students were chanting this on the playground.” The indignant voter suspects the children didn’t spontaneously erupt in the chant; he believes they were cajoled into doing so by parents or teachers at the school. “They are children. They don’t understand what’s going on,” he said. “Any ideas they have about politics are going to come from someone else.”

Democrats continuing the tactic of indoctrinating children, just like their revered leftist heroes from the Soviet Union.

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