Thursday, June 14, 2012

Obama loving teachers and leftist propaganda...just like Stalin.

Oh Jesus, John McCain...
In 2008, Obama supporting teacher Diantha Harris of Cumberland County, North Carolina bullied a young female student whose father was overseas, because she stated her family supported McCain.

Obama's gonna change it, Obama's gonna lead them!
In 2008, a creepy video circulated the web, featuring a group of young children in shirts with Obama campaign logos singing about how much they love Obama. The group was organized by the group Sing for Change.

Mmm mmm mmm, Barack Hussein Obama
In 2009, elementary school children were taught to sing a cult like song of praise to Obama at B. Bernice Young Elementary School in Burlington Township, New Jersey.

"Like something out of East Germany during the Cold War..."
In 2012, middle school teacher Michael Denman of Liberty Middle School in Fairfax County, Virginia assigned his 8th graders a project to find weaknesses in the four Republican candidates for President (Romney, Paul, Gingrich, and Santorum), map a strategy, and send the proposal to the Obama campaign.

He's our man! Yes we can!
In 2012, kindergartners at Tipps Elementary School in Houston, Texas were taught an Obama praising poem that they would have to perform in a school program.

Si, se puede!
In 2012, "teacher of the year" Elena Garcia-Velasco of Roosevelt High School in Portland, Oregon praised Obama during a graduation speech, uttering his signature slogan 'Yes we can' in Spanish.

Not about him you wont!
In 2012, high school teacher Tanya Dixon-Neely of North Rowan High School in Spencer, North Carolina was videotaped screaming to her class that criticizing Obama could result in jail time and that Mitt Romney was a bully in high school.

Notice anything all of these teachers have in common? Leftists. There is a reason why liberal leftist teachers have no problem injecting their politics into the classroom. It is what leftists have done for the past century all over the world. Don't any Democrats out there find things like this even mildly disturbing? As a conservative, I would be appalled to hear of a school, or teacher forcing young children to sing a song of praise to Ronald Reagan or any other conservative. You just don't do that. Leave the kids out of it you conniving freaks! The same goes for you union teachers in Wisconsin who took your students to rallies against Scott Walker. Have you NO SHAME?

Yes, there is a reason why you only hear stories like this about teachers who support Democrats. Cut from the same cloth. 


Silverfiddle said...

This is why the progressive propaganda factory known as the union-dominated public school system should be dismantled.

Privatize it! Privatize it all and start running it like a business, and our children will start learning meaningful things again.

Ezzee Does it said...
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Hack said...

I must confess, I cannot tell whether you are being facetious or not! Is that a serious list of "facts"?