Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Obama was the "real winner" in Wisconsin?

Care to reassess, left?

Following Scott Walker's decisive victory part II in Wisconsin, Democrats flailed and floundered and fluttered in their teary eyed sorrow, desperately trying to explain away that Scott Walker had in fact simply bought the election, that Wisconsinites were simply robots whose votes were cast in some fuzzy political TV ad induced spell, and that "Obama was the real winner" because exit poll data had the President up 5 points on Romney in the general election.

Now the dust has settled in Wisconsin and new poll data by Rasmussen, regarded as one of the most reliable and accurate polling giants, has Romney leading Obama in Wisconsin by 3 points. This is a state where Obama won by 14 points in 2008.

Now the traditionally bluer than blue state of Wisconsin is completely in play for the general. Not might be in play. Not could be in play. Wisconsin is a full fledged swing state and don't think for one second the Obama campaign isn't sweating about it.

Scott Walker threw a wrench in the spokes of the Obama machine. But it wasn't just him.

Not so long ago, it was King Obama the Invincible lounging back in his throne while the 3 stooges poked each other's eyes out in an effort to be his challenger. Rush Limbaugh called that slut a slut, the war on women was on, and the narrative was completely 100% controlled by Obama. "Osama is dead. GM is alive." was the left's rallying cry. Everything was playing into the hands of the Democrats and the GOP circus was only making Obama look that much better.

Then Obama decided to come out as the first gay president after North Carolina voters rejected gay marriage overwhelmingly. Obama's support in that crucial swing state plummeted, sending wary Dems scrambling to move the DNC convention to anywhere but Charlotte. The new dismal jobs report came out and showed that unemployment had actually risen, furthering uncertainty in the job market and the Obama administration's ability to create jobs. The entire year's economic gains were wiped out in a day as more fear over the European economic crisis swells. Bill Clinton started to break ranks and some are wondering whether Slick Willy is working behind the scenes to sabotage Obama's chances this fall. Romney came out of nowhere and raised far more money than Obama in May, punctuating on Obama's vulnerability and proving he has the political and financial muscle to match Obama this year. And Scott Walker dealt the crushing blow in Wisconsin as voters in that long time liberal state voiced their resounding opposition to big government policies, out of control spending, and union thuggery. While all of this was happening, Mitt Romney also quietly secured the official GOP nomination and the right has begun to coalesce around him. Lo and behold, we have an election.

But that isn't all. The Supreme Court decision on Obamacare is still just around the corner. Anything less than a full upholding of the entire law, which will not happen, will not be good for the failing boy king. And our corrupt, crooked Attorney General Eric Holder is finally being brought into the national narrative by Congress and the media. Perhaps Americans will know what Fast and Furious really is now. And don't think the national security leaks from the White House will simply fade away. No, everything is imploding on Dear Leader. It was long overdue.

We can banter back and forth all day about side issues but the bottom line is that Barack Obama simply doesn't have a record to run on this year. He will do what he does best. Divide. Divide by race, class, gender. But that doesn't sell. And it won't sell in November. Wisconsin proves it. And Wisconsin will be the conservative rallying cry for the rest of the year. 


Robert Janicki said...

I enjoyed Debbie Wasserman Schiitz jumping back and forth prior to the Wisconsin recall election.

She started out clearly indicating that Wisconsin was the test run for the November presidential election.

Then, as polling began to look terrible for Tom Barrett, Debbie Dunce began hedging her bets by doing a 180 degree shift claiming that the recall election was a local Wisconsin issue with no bearing on the presidential election.

From my perspective as a constitutional conservative, the DNC could not have chosen a better fool for Chairperson than Dim Witted Stooge, DWS.

Anonymous said...

From what I understand, the AFL-CIO is upset with President Obama for not lending more support in the Gov. Walker recall which could end up biting the President in the rear come November. Oops!

Hack said...

The way it's looking Wisconsin could be the barometer for how the country sways in November. If Wisconsin of all places shifts red, so could any and all other swing states.