Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fast and Furious Finally at the Forefront

It only took a year and a half, but now as news breaks of Heinrich Holder (this is Western Hero's brilliant term but I love saying it) being held in contempt by the House panel, the media is finally forced to report on Fast and Furious and what it all means.

You see, the average American really isn't aware of most things political, unless it is one of those stories run over and over again on the cable news, or the nightly news, or on the mainstream political websites. Like the Trayvon Martin shooting, the Jerry Sandusky trial, or Sarah Palin saying she could see Russia from her house. The rabid dogs in the liberal media have thus far done a superb job of burying the Fast and Furious story but they can't avoid it now.

Holder will resign before election day. And every American, even some of those whose daily lives don't involve the swirl of politics, will know about the Obama Fast and Furious scandal that killed Agent Brian Terry.

As the scandal has begun to unfold, the god king has invoked "executive privilege" to avoid releasing the truth of the matter to the public. This comes after he criticized Bush for doing the exact same thing. This also comes after running on a platform of complete transparency. So much for that!

Speaking of Bush....

Yes, you guessed it! The left is already twisting and contorting themselves into a frenzied Bush blaming orgy over the Fast and Furious debacle. Is there anything Bush isn't at fault for?

Esta bien. Fast and Furious is Obama's scandal. It has his name and Eric Holder's name all over it, and there is no stopping it now.

Time to grab some popcorn...


DeanO said...

I can't wait for this to unfold...Sounds like one of the race car movies

Kid said...

It's looking now like holder at the minimum gets an official seal of Disapproval.

You can bet clinton doesn't like the Impeachment moniker. clinton wasn't lying for any reason that by any stretch of the imagination could be associated with protecting the country, the office, or anything else. It was 100% lying to protect his porn-like adventures with a much younger woman in the WH.

And holder isn't going to like a contempt badge to carry for life any more than bubba loves his impeachment badge.

It's worth it. I'd sure like to see some actual physical consequences though.

Anonymous said...

Barack Milhous Kardashian and Eric Holder need to be sharing a cell.