Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Romney vs. Obama state by state poll numbers. JUNE 27, 2012.

*This will become a weekly thing here up until election day to track the latest polling data in each state.

For the current polling data, I source the RealClearPolitics aggregate. The first statistic listed will be the 2008 election result, and the second the current poll numbers.

Latest numbers June 20-27:

Obama +2- Gallup
Romney +1- Rasmussen
Obama +3- NBC News/WSJ

New Hampshire- Obama +5- Rasmussen
Michigan- Obama +1- Mitchell Research
Florida- Obama +4- Quinnipac
Virginia- Obama +7- Virginian-Pilot
Utah- Romney +42- Deseret News/KSL
Ohio- Obama +3- PPP
Virginia- Romney +5- WeAskAmerica
North Carolina- Romney +3- Rasmussen
Colorado- Obama +4- WeAskAmerica
Oregon- Obama +8- PPP
Ohio- Obama +9- Quinnipac
Pennsylvania- Obama +6- Quinnipac
Arizona- Romney +13- Rasmussen
Massachusetts- Obama  +16- PPP

As of June 27, 2012

*Bold denotes swing state or emerging swing state

Alabama- McCain +21-----n/a
Alaska- McCain +21-----n/a
Arizona- McCain +9-----Romney +7 (Romney +2 from last week)
Arkansas- McCain +20-----Romney +24
California- Obama +24-----Obama +17
Colorado- Obama +9-----Obama +3
Connecticut- Obama +23-----Obama +12
Delaware- Obama +24-----n/a
D.C.- Obama +86-----n/a
Florida- Obama +3-----Obama +2 (Obama +3 from last week)
Georgia- McCain +5-----Romney +10
Hawaii- Obama +46-----Obama +27
Idaho- McCain +25-----n/a
Illinois- Obama +25-----Obama +17
Indiana- Obama +1-----Romney +9
Iowa- Obama +10-----Obama +2
Kansas- McCain +15-----n/a
Kentucky- McCain +16-----n/a
Louisiana- McCain +18-----n/a
Maine- Obama +17-----Obama +16
Maryland- Obama +25-----Obama +23
Massachusetts- Obama +25-----Obama +19 (Romney +1 from last week)
Michigan- Obama +16-----Obama +1 (Romney +3 from last week)
Minnesota- Obama +10-----Obama +12
Mississippi- McCain +13-----n/a
Missouri- McCain +1-----Romney +3
Montana- McCain +2-----Romney +9
Nebraska- McCain +14-----Romney +14
Nevada- Obama +13-----Obama +5
New Hampshire- Obama +10-----Obama +6
New Jersey- Obama +16-----Obama +15
New Mexico- Obama +15-----Obama +14
New York- Obama +27-----Obama +25
North Carolina- Obama +1-----Romney +3
North Dakota- McCain +9-----Romney +13
Ohio- Obama +5-----Obama +3 (Obama +1 from last week)
Oklahoma- McCain +31-----Romney +35
Oregon- Obama +16-----Obama +6 (Obama +2 from last week)
Pennsylvania- Obama +10-----Obama +8
Rhode Island- Obama +28-----Obama +17
South Carolina- McCain +9-----n/a
South Dakota- McCain +8-----n/a
Tennessee- McCain +15-----Romney +7
Texas- McCain +12-----Romney +7
Utah- McCain +28-----Romney +42
Vermont- Obama +37-----Obama +31
Virginia- Obama +6-----Obama +2 (Romney +1 from last week)
Washington- Obama +17-----Obama +11
West Virginia- McCain +13-----n/a
Wisconsin- Obama +14-----Obama +3
Wyoming- McCain +32-----n/a

Changes- Romney closes gaps in Virginia and Michigan. Obama narrowly increases leads in Ohio and Florida. Romney increases sizable lead in Arizona. First polling data available for 2012 from Utah shows Romney with 42 point lead.

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