Wednesday, June 20, 2012

GREECE ATHENA MIDDLE SCHOOL bullies vs. Karen Klein. Kids torment old woman bus monitor. (VIDEO)

The video shows out of control youths screaming profanities and insults at an old woman who was the bus monitor on their school bus. This comes from Greece Athena Middle School in Rochester, New York.

At one point, a child animal jokes about how her kids should kill themselves. Turns out Karen Klein's son took his life 10 years ago.

This is yet another indicator of the breakdown of society furthered by the 1960's progressive counterculture that destroyed the traditional family and destroyed the morals of the nation. The majority of children are now being raised in a broken home with no stable father figure or moral guidelines to help their social development. Their insults and ridicule directed at this poor woman were nothing but the products of their own self insecurity and doubt. That is how bullies operate. This is the future of America. An amoral mob of bullies. Sort of like what we have in the White House.

This video is going viral as we speak and this story has already been published in countless mass media outlets. Hopefully the bullies will be identified, called out, and punished. Makes you yearn for the old days of the stocks and whipping posts.

H/T The Last Tradition.


Anonymous said...

I feel confident this woman would be disgusted by an attempt to politicize the horror she recently experienced. Whatever drove you to use this story for that purpose is the same motivation within the hearts of the parents of those bullies. It's selfish, inaccurate and unproductive. None of which this country needs more of. Thanks for nothing.

Hack said...

That's it...yeah...keep sipping that Kool aid...don't ask any questions or try to think outside the Democratic party lines....

Good riddance. You can go pout in a corner like a good liberal while the rest of us adults do the hard thinking about the problems facing our nation today.

Silverfiddle said...

Back in the old days a burly principle or male teacher would have dragged those little foul-mouthed bastards off the bus and paddled them.

Of course, can't do that now, and couple that with idiot parents, and this is what you end up with.

Anonymous said...

Considering the fact that I just heard this story at my local cafe this morning here in a little hick town in Northern California and the poor woman who was the target of those punk ass kids was on tv talking about the situation, I would say that Anonymous's comment is moot. It's sad that kids these days feel they can act this way with no reprocusions. Spare the rod, spoil the child.

Unknown said...

I find it interesting that everyone's answer needs to be violence. I got smacked as a kid but the times I felt the worse from hearing from my parents NEVER came from a beating.

Here's a story:

My step son got an F on a Math test this past year. We practiced all week, but he kept getting distracted with his fucking XBOX, Kindle fire and Computer. He came home casually and tossed it on the desk and said "I failed but I'll get them next time" all non chelant..

"There is no next time. I want your kindle, XBOX and Monitor now!"

The little shit argued that I couldn't touch his kindle or Xbox because his dad gave it to him. So I called his dad relayed what he said and asked if I could handle it and that I would NOT touch the gifts he had so lovingly gave his son. Grabbed the computer and monitor (things I gave him) and cut the power to his room and blocked his kindle from the router. Tried to argue how it wasn't fair and I said..

"It's perfectly fair. You tried to outsmart me but check it out little asshole," Yes I called him an asshole because 11 "I got a 30+ year head start on you. I may not be able to take your things away because you dad gave them to you but I pay for the bod damn electricity in this house, not you! So here's the deal, you do without because this is the consequence of thinking you cna not try. Now, stop acting like a bratty know it all and do your work and next test you bring it with a passing acceptable grade"

Again! He piped up how it wasn't fair and he was gonna tell his mom and dad. Little did he know I never hung up with his dad, his dad heard everything..

"Take his Xbox and Kindle! I'll be over in an hour to pick them up."


Never failed another test again because he know as smart as he thought HE was, I was better. He's a good kid and that was only time I'VE ever had an issue with him. Want to beat your kids? Don't there are laws against that but really take a step back and think about when it hurt more from your parents.. Being beat or being reemed verbally, psychologically and morally? It's OUR job to make sure they go out into the world and NOT act like assholes. The parents of these kids are just as big as dick as those kids.. (Mental instability and serious medical conditions excluded)

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the woman and disgusted by the bullies . But excuse me, I don't see the connection with the White House. But since the writer mentioned it, there is no comparison to those bullies in FOX news.

Anonymous said...

Upset that you feel compelled to inject politics into this. For what it's worth, I grew up in this school district and can provide a little background.

First, you're really tilting at windmills with the political angle. Greece votes solidly Republican.

Next, I had some pretty incredible teachers, and the principals dealt with everything they were informed of.

This smacks of mob mentality and bad parenting. There had to be some warning signs of this, and I'm hoping that the school district bans them from the buses and that the real punishment is delivered by the parents, as it should be.

Hack said...

Waa Waa. You people are really breaking my heart. This is a political blog. If you don't like it, leave.