Friday, June 8, 2012

Rand Paul endorses Mitt Romney. Ron Paul crazies go off the deep end....

Rand Paul might need an armed security detail for a while, or maybe the rest of his life considering the tenacity of the Paulistinians. 

The Daily Paul erupted after this story broke. Below are my favorite comments. Enjoy! 

"RAND SUCKS!!!!! WE WILL NEVER STAND BEHIND YOU !!! SELL OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE OVER!!! YOU HAVE LOST THE LIBERTY SUPPORT!!! SELL OUT TO THE GLOBALISTS AND TURNED ON HIS OWN FATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I just walked into my moms house from traveling all day and when I walk in the door I hear Rand on the TV With Hannity.
I can not believe this.

"How does it feel Rand To put a spike not only through the heart of this movement, but through that of your own father's as well.
You pathetic coward. You disgust me.
We wont forget this."

"Ladies and Gentlemen behold The Benedict Arnold of the r3V0Lution."

"SPEECHLESS!! Knowing that Romney can't win without the Dr's supporters, I guess this put's it into perspective (but it still won't happen) even more so now!!! Now as I look back on the 2140.00 sent for trusting liberty and freedom I don't re-call reading a disclaimer on the last three and most recent money bombs stating by the way my son will be endorsing Romney, I guess that would have put a real stopper on the good old 'cash cow'! Ya I'm beyond pissed!!!"

"I literally got physically ill with this! Hannity you make me puke, you smug, evil, puppet! YOU started the attacks on Dr. Paul and you mock him even now you neoCon chicken-hawk, blood thirsty, piece of trash!! Shame on you Rand,not only did you dishonor your father and trash his incorruptible legacy but you do it on HANNITY????? You couldn't wait till after Tampa to take one for the team??? I feel so very sorry for Dr. Paul!!"

"Rand Paul is friendly, reasonable and non-threatening to Republicans who aren't awake yet. If Rand Paul is what neo-cons like my parents need to come to the Liberty movement, so be it."

"This is my last day as a Republican. The GOP has shown that they do not want true liberty or peace. They aren't true Americans in my eyes. They are lost and fearful and ignorant... where I am not.
I prefer Anarchy now more than ever... I can no longer continue to endorse and participate in a political system that is beyond repair. I don't trust that my vote will be counted. No one stands up for justice to arrest the criminals who continue to manipulate the system with fraud, coercion and violence."

"Did anyone take out a second mortgage to support Ron Paul in any money bombs?"

"big paul tells us he told little paul todo this im going tobo anti rand for life. i didnt fight a pointless war for a nation of cowards sellouts and power hungry. or i guess i did. yay..."

"Ron must be TOTALLY disappointed in Rand. Although he would never say that, I bet in his heart that he is major disappointed at his WARMONGER SON."

"RAND PAUL MUST BE ADOPTED! HE CANNOT BE OF DR.PAULS DNA!....HE WILL NEVER GET MY MONEY& SUPPORT, and I am soon to Retire....with, means,(thanks to gold ,silver, & other metals) and i swear on my fathers grave,I WILL HAUNT RAND PAUL IN PUBLIC, on theWEB, IN ANYWAY POSSIBLE!..he will never gain hire OFFICE! IN MY BOOK, he is nothing more than a traitor! TO GOD, COUNTRY,and his own FATHER"

"Thanks a lot f***face. No, we do not support ORomney--never have and never will! Disturbing. Convictions? Principles? Thirty plus years…squandered by the usurped mollified son."

"Gary Johnson SUCKS.....but he's better than Rand."

"Yes, I feel nauseous. The apple falls a little farther from the tree than we thought, eh? Meh. We can either be fatalistic at this point or like our Champion Dr. RON Paul, be optimistic. I choose optimism. I choose to continue fighting in the realm of ideas, morality and truth. If need be -God help us if need be- I choose to fight the physical war. More and more it looks unavoidable, but we still have time."

"I'm probably too optimistic but what if Romney's campaign knew Ron Paul is the actual winner and they will get Rand Paul, the neo-con, as a vp ticket to get the RP supporters. And, if Romney wins, Ron Paul knows he won't be able to stay president (an eventual Romneygate) and Rand will get the presidency? That's probably too much wondering but we already know Romney isn't clean and everything can occur."

Sounds like Rand Paul is the latest conservative in the Paulistas' crosshairs. It appears sensible libertarian Gary Johnson is equally despised by the Paul crowd too. Oh well, I guess anyone but Saint Paul is evil.
Welcome to the real world Rand! We are glad to have you!


Anonymous said...

What the hell rand. . .you stand by you r father nomatter what......dork. im still voteing ron paul....romney is a joke....hes trash. you fucked up bigtime dumbass. if george washington sold out to the british there wouldnt be independance. so here we are agian fighting for our right back and then you spit in our faces. ron is still on the bailt. . .ron is who i am voting for..........never never never will i support that flippflopper of a discrase of a governor. ron i hope your still fighting.......i think im gunna be sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Silverfiddle said...

So he lost the support of a few drug-addled troofers who couldn't put down the bong long enough to find the voting booth anyway...

Rock on, Rand! You are the future, and it will be people like you who lead the GOP out of the incoherent statist wilderness.

Unknown said...

Oddly enough, some of those comments remind me of Obama supporters.

Fredd said...

No biggie, you Paulbots. Most of you guys are one-issue dope smoking losers anyway, and would probably vote for Obama now that Paul has bowed out.

Get over it, vote for Barry and shut up.

DeanO said...

Wow - that's a lot of hate for someone the people once cherished

Jim McKee said...

@Anonymous: Attitudes such as yours will certainly get Obama re-elected. Thanks for nothing. You've obviously lost sight of the mission: Get Obama out of the White House. Duh.

@Hack: Imagine the cranial explosions we'll see if Ron Paul endorses Romney. :-)

Left Coast Rebel said...

I can understand the consternation behind Rand Paul's support for Romney, given that Romney doesn't stand for much that the liberty movement does. BUT, the fact that these guys don't support Gary Johnson? Seriously?

Chuck said...

The only way you could vote for Pope Ron Paul is in a poll, you lunatic. He's not going to be on the ballot. You paultards have to be the stupidest bunch of losers that ever existed.

Hack said...

Gary Johnson is probably my favorite libertarian out there. The fact even HE is torn down on a daily basis by these people says a lot.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

These people are horrific. Honestly, Ron Paul has to be super embarrassed of these nasty people . . . unless he's like 0 and let's them doing his talking.

*shudder* Paulbots sound JUST LIKE leftists. No wonder normal people distance themselves. FAST.

Chris W said...

I've about given up trying to sway the Paulbots to vote for Gary Johnson.

The cult-like mentality of the diehards doesn't allow them to grasp the fact that Paul is done in this cycle and their only alternative is Johnson.

It will be an awful shock to them once their icon endorses Mittens.

Chuck said...

I've said for years Ron Quixote's biggest obstacle has been his supporters. He's the pied piper of smelly, self-righteous, sanctimonious retards.

Love me or else is their depraved ethic. Sick.

Hack said...

I think some of them would vote for him and donate to him even if he was dead. The problem is this...many of these people are actually liberals who jumped on the Paul bandwagon simply because he is anti-war and pro-legalizing pot. That's it. So they don't identify with anything libertarian or conservative. That's why they hate Gary Johnson and that's why they hate every conservative in this country. Their cult following traits are exactly the same as the cult following of Obama in 2008. Why? Because they are the exact same type of people.....liberals.