Monday, June 4, 2012

Liberals accuse Snow White movie of being "anti-feminist"

You've got to be kidding me. Now the feminist culture warriors are up in arms over the new Snow White movie. Why? Because the main villain is female.

Can you make a feminist 'Snow White'?

But as much as these works have attempted to make the character of Snow White more closely resemble the modern, independent female, there remains an anti-feminist message at the story's core. 
The Snow White story has always been about the rivalry between stepmother and daughter -- which pits an older woman against a younger woman, with men almost entirely absent from the conflict. 
Professor Jack Zipes, author of several books on the topic of fairy tales, including this year's "The Irresistible Fairy Tale," says that making a woman an exceptionally evil villain is an anti-feminist statement of its own. "If we look at the world, [it] is really in the control of men -- and they're pretty g--d-- evil. But in these films, the dominant force is an evil queen, who is vicious and nasty and contemptible. To my mind, it's part of what I call the backlash against feminism," he explains. "Whether it's done consciously or not, if you look at these films, they really say something pretty terrible about women. These films are so reactionary. They react to the fact that women have asserted themselves for more equal rights and great progress has been made."

 This is what feminism has done to the Western world. The ideology is ruthless, irrational, and spellbindingly persistent. Some rabid feminist who hates men actually got paid to write this garbage. Are there any liberals out there who will denounce this idiocy?

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