Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Stalinesque photo of Obama displayed at Wisconsin polling station.

H/T Gateway Pundit

Reuters published the following photo with a floundering, flailing pre-Wisconsin recall story about how the race would likely tie.

Looks like a high school gymnasium, no? Does anyone on the left find this mildly disturbing?

Like one commenter put it: "CNN does Joseph Gobbels proud."



It is illegal to hang that poster in the polling place and here is the law.

Under current law, “electioneering” is prohibited at or near the entrances
to polling places on election day.  Specifically, the law prohibits an
election official from engaging in “electioneering” on election day.  In
addition, the law prohibits any person from engaging in “electioneering”
during polling hours on any public property on election day within 100
feet of an entrance to a building containing a polling place.  This
restriction, though, does not apply to the placement of any material on
the bumper of a motor vehicle that is located on such property on
election day.  A municipal clerk, poll worker, or law enforcement officer
is authorized to remove posters or other advertising that violates the
prohibitions on “electioneering.”
Current law defines “electioneering” as any activity which is intended to
influence voting at an election.
Persons who violate the above prohibitions on electioneering may be
fined not more than $1,000, or imprisoned for not more than six months,
or both.  In addition, any election official who is convicted of violating
the electioneering prohibitions is disqualified from acting as an election
official for a term of five years from the time of the conviction.


IanH said...

It's only OK if the picture is hung upside down!

Kid said...

Hack, you think that chick in the 1st pic is a democrat? I'd put my life savings on it.