Monday, April 23, 2012

How Mia Love dismantles the liberals' racism/sexism argument.

Recently we have learned that conservative Republican Mia Love has won the nomination for Utah's newly created 4th Congressional District. The heads of liberals from coast to coast have exploded in sheer amazement. How could racist, women hating Republicans vote for a black woman? (I guess for the same reasons they voted for Herman Cain, Tim Scott, Charles Lollar, and Allen West...)

If this nomination of Mia Love in Utah isn't enough to dash the ill conceived notions of liberals and Obama supporters I don't know what is.

Some things to consider:

Utah is widely regarded as one of the most red states in the nation. Last year, Business Insider listed Utah as the 5th most conservative state in the nation, with Gallup polling data to back it up. Provo, Utah is consistently ranked as the most conservative city in the nation.

Utah has the 7th lowest population of African Americans per 100 citizens at 0.77. Over 80% of the population is white and less than 1% black.

The newly mapped 4th district Mia Love is running in contains the cities of Nephi, Payson, West Valley City, West Jordan, and Sandy.

Nephi: 5389 residents. 97% white.
Payson: 18294 residents. 94% white.
West Valley City: 129480 residents. 65% white. 33% hispanic.
West Jordan: 103712 residents. 89% white. 10% hispanic.
Sandy: 87461 residents. 93% white. 4% hispanic.

The highest percentage of African Americans is 1.96%, in West Valley City.

The two counties in Utah that the 4th district covers are Salt Lake and Utah counties with McCain getting 48% and 78% of the vote respectively in 2008. However, Salt Lake county includes Salt Lake City, which isn't within the 4th district. Even then, Obama won the county in 2008 by just 296 votes, out of 353680 total votes. Extremely conservative for a major city. In 2004, Salt Lake county voted for Bush by 60% and Utah county by 86%.

What can we learn from all this? That Utah's 4th district is extremely conservative and extremely white.

Yet they nominate a black woman to represent them. Mia Love and the intentions of voters in Utah's 4th Congressional District prove that the wild accusations of racism and sexism by those on the left towards the right are completely baseless.

Nice try libs. 


Criminologista said...

Love this!

I know plenty of racist and sexist Conservatives who were going to vote for Herman Cain! haha.

I guess the point is, this proves it really is the content of one's character that matters. If the Republican voters are presented with an intelligent, competent candidate, they will show support regardless of demographics. That's my opinion, anyway.

Herman Cain 2012! I still can't believe they ran him out. It's an outrage.

Silverfiddle said...

Careful with that logic and reason, Hack. You'll only confuse the liberals...

Anonymous said...

Well we'll see if she is getting elected. I am living in Utah, right here in Provo, and racism/sexism are alive in Utah. Stop being a hypocrite and admit it. This is the most racist state that I have lived in. It's good that I am getting the heck out of here too.

Hack said...

Racism/Sexism is alive everywhere, just go take a stroll through your nearest ghetto.