Monday, April 16, 2012

VIDEO: Bob Beckel's Hilarious F Bomb on Hannity!

I really found this exchange quite funny for a number of reasons.

1) His passion and forcefulness when actually saying the word as well as his ignorance in not knowing they were on the air well into the clip.
2) Neal Boortz trying to spin the toy football 15 seconds in.
3) The perfect illustration of the quintessential liberal. No sense of civil discourse and blaming another for your F**k up. Yes, pun intended!

Just an all around hilarious video no matter what political side you are on!

H/T The Last Tradition


The Conservative Lady said...

Ha, ha. I posted on this a little while ago, too. I didn't have this more comprehensive clip, so I'll link to your post as an update.
The truth of the matter is, Head Start is a failure.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

The only thing I see in this (which in my humble opinion is the story) is the what most conservatives see and know about liberals - the refusal to realize reality, i.e.; Not accepting the fact they were indeed on-air.

Hannity himself said such terminology is used off-air but not on.

But I fault Beckel not for the word but rather his refusal and rejection that they were actually on-air.

This complete rejection of what is obvious to normal people (in this case MILLIONS) showcases the actual mental disorder that the left is afflicted with.

I am a UAW member and I see and hear such rejection of reality on a daily basis, really.

So again, it is not what he said in a political argument as most of us on either side have said as well but rather, and quite obstinately, reject out of hand what was real and very obvious to the others on the set - they were on-air.

This rejection of what is real is what permeates our society from Kindergarten to the White House hence my reference to the plague in one of your recent posts.

Hack said...

Indeed Christopher! And even funnier is the fact he blames HANNITY! He follows the liberal script like so many others. Blaming everyone else!