Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Will Ron Paul supporters vote for Romney?

It appears not. Those still soured and bitter over Ron Paul's utter failure this year still plan to go their own way and not do their part this fall to defeat Barack Obama. So be it. It's a lose lose for them. Obama win- "thanks a lot for the help". Romney win- "We didn't need you anyway."

This just baffles me. It really does. Now, I understand Ron Paul is the only true, limited government candidate. I understand that Mitt Romney is maybe a little too liberal for the average conservative. I understand that Ron Paul offers the only real vision for radical change in this nation's thinking. All good stuff. There is one problem though. Ron Paul can't win! Not, he won't win. He CAN'T win. There comes a point when reality has to set in for all. And reality is this. Mitt Romney or Barack Obama.

I am disgusted, and frankly extremely irritated, at this "holier than thou", idealist and non-compromising attitude from the Ron Paul faction. If Ron Paul had fared well in the primaries this year there is no doubt in my mind that the GOP would back him against Barack Obama. I would be his biggest supporter in the fight against the most anti-American, big government, far left president in this nation's history. But that didn't happen. Ron Paul showed he can't win. He didn't carry a single state. Maybe two at the very most, if voter fraud did indeed take place. Why should I support him? Why should anyone support him? Ron Paul could have at least proved to America he can win big somewhere. Anywhere. He didn't, nor did Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum. Mitt Romney is going to be Obama's challenger, and that is just a fact of life.

Instead of doing their part to remove Obama from office, they are going to vote for "Dr. Paul", despite the fact he can't win. Then they can go home with a clear conscience, pat themselves on the back for being a "true" American, then sit down the browse some more Infowars articles while they listen to the TV personalities gleefully spout about how Barack Obama has won a second term. "I showed those hypocrite Republicans. America deserves another 4 years of Obama for not supporting Ron Paul..."

Whatever. Like I have said before, online poll votes, spam emails, and Youtube thumbs ups don't win elections. Real votes do. If Ron Paul voters decide to vote Ron Paul in November like they did this spring, I doubt it will affect the outcome much. 


Paul said...

You know, when Obama came into office, he didn't really change anything. Bush extended drug coverage, and Obama extended health coverage. Bush started a war, and Obama wrapped it up on Bush's schedule, and is on his way to wrapping up Afghanistan. All pretty much to plan.

Bush started with the Patriot Act, and Obama fell in line.

Oh yeah, a few things here and there, but the Fed continues to print money, and Obama marches to the orders issued from Hollywood and Wall Street, just like Bush before him.

Romney might be a little different. But I don't think so.

Then you have Ron Paul who isn't running to win for the team. He doesn't run against the other personalities.

Ron Paul is running on issues. What issues you might ask?

How about ACTA? TPP? ICE? Drones? the TSA? the Drug war? Corporate welfare? the Debt Crisis? the Fed?

These are not little things. These are not little idealistic play toys we can put away so we can do what it takes to win one for the team.

The Team is the Republican Party.

The Team is America.

If you don't understand that, you will never understand those of us that support Ron Paul.

Nick from Chicago said...

What is the substantial difference between Romney and Obama? Monetary policy? Unconstitutional wars? Continuing this country towards a police state (Patriot Act, NDAA, scratching Due Process, drones)? Government run by, and for corporations? Both budget proposals have us in the deficit for another 30 years, leading towards ~50 Trillion dollars in debt. They are both largely funded by the same bankers, chemical & pharma companies, lobbyists, and the military industrial complex. They are both proven liars. And on and on and on.

So please explain to me how Romney is going to save this country while Obama is going to destroy it? Is lowering taxes on the rich and drilling for more oil going to be the difference that saves us all?

Since NO other viable candidate is remotely offering real solutions to our largest problems, I am voting for Ron Paul period. I will write his name in, if needed.

And so will millions of other voters.

Hack said...

Spare me the Ron Paul worship. He is a proven loser, period. A guy who goes on Iranian state TV to defend Hamas. A guy who praises Julian Assange for exposing US military secrets overseas that put our troops at risk. A guy who consistently blames and bashes America for all of our woes. No different than Jeremiah Wright in my opinion. Not to mention a guy who has been in the Congress longer than anyone, with ZERO accomplishments under his belt. Romney is far from perfect. But if you cannot see how he is at least a tad better than Barack Obama, you are more delusional than I thought.

One Guy 2012 said...


Again, unfortunately, we disagree.

Can you see, however, how your decision to vote for Romney despite you not actually believing in him can look as preposterous as those you are vilifying for sticking with their Ron Paul?

Not an accusation! Just an observation. This is respectful dialogue, here.

You know that I will not vote for Romney, since I am perhaps too ideological as a True Conservative to do so. I hope indeed that this has not caused you to speak poorly of me when I'm not around! That would suck!

I do admire the Ron Paul supporters to a certain degree, but I also have to acknowledge the futility in them doing so. Simple mathematics will prove Mr. Paul has no chance. But they wish to stand upon their convictions and borderline worship of the man. How can I slight such resolve and fervor? I mean as long as they're not shooting people or blowing up buildings, I'm cool with their rabid attachment to Mr. Paul.

The thing is, honestly, do you expect them or me to not stick with our beliefs simply to lay them down so we can cast a vote for Romney and fall into line with the elitist and despicable GOP Beltway Masters?

If I did such a thing, to assuage your anger or suspicions, would you really be able to look me in the eye, or would you lose all respect for me as a man, a Conservative, and as a Veteran? I do not look upon you with disdain for choosing to vote for Romney despite your real feelings for him. Can you extend and reciprocate such respect for others?

Again, not an accusation. A genuine question. I've no wish to be looked at as ever being disrespectful of you and your blog.

Hack said...

Your comments are always welcome friend. But we will have to disagree on this issue from now until election day. I will be voting for Romney. And I won't be holding my nose doing it. I would find immense joy if he beat Obama. I like Romney. He has shown leadership skills his whole life, he knows how to make money, and he knows business. The economy is most important to me and so is making America rich. Romney is going to be the challenger so you can either get on board or not.

One Guy 2012 said...

Romney will be the GOP Champion. To be sure.

I reckon we will agree to disagree, then.

No worries. These things happen.

I'm looking ahead to 2016, however, since I believe as of right now that Obama will win in 2012. It's just a hunch, and I have no concrete evidence. He won't win by public demand, though. No, not at all. He'll win by the machinations and corruption of the political system that we both know about already. The America-haters have waited too long and made too many plans to let their token "president" lose. There is yet much America-destroying work to accomplish.

So we disagree. *meh* You're still you and I'm still me and that's it.

Gakk said...

So Hack,
What is it that Romney will do that is so different from Obamas agenda to turn this country around and headed in a healthy direction?

I don't trust Romney cause he is not believable.
His actions and words, past and present are not stable.

Hack said...

I am going to post a full blog this week responding to this question.

Anonymous said...

Why should we "fall in line" like good little boys and girls for the GOP? Obama has been Bush's third term. Bush was a nightmare. Patriot Act...wars..printing money like no tomorrow. I don't see Romney being any different. Supporting him is just supporting more of the same. I stopped voting party line and for the lesser of the two evils after Bush. I learned my lesson. If the GOP wants my support than they have to get serious about fiscal responsiblity, stop war mongering, stop crony corporatism, and start being the party that believes in personal liberty and freedom. Want my support? EARN IT!!!
I don't worship Ron Paul...but I do support him because it is about time we had an honest person talking about issues that really matter. Espeically one that is NOT bought and paid for by lobbyists and corporate America.
Fall in line...do our part....what do we "owe" the GOP? Heck the GOP doesn't even tolerate us very well. Those of us that are libertarian leaning get treated like dirt by the party. So why vote for a party that does not care what we think? They want our vote but don't want to take into consideration how we feel on the issues.

Anonymous said...

I too, will vote for Ron Paul in 2012, and I will not have my vote taken hostage. A vote for Romney is a vote for Obama.
Both of the big parties have led us to the failures that we're seeing in this country and I will not support more of it.
It's time for the Republicans to pull their head out of the sand.

Dayvid Franke