Monday, April 16, 2012

Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama. Who is really out of touch?

This is something I have wanted to address for some time now.

A common talking point within political discussion these days is that mean, white, rich Republican Mitt Romney is out of touch with the blue collar American and Barack Obama somehow is.

These ignorant ramblings will be emanating from the left wing Democratic Party corpse from now until election day.

A few examples from Occupy Democrats for Obama:

"Obama has this in the bag. Romney is the epitome of 1% and he does not give a rat’s ass about the middle and lower class. The only bags that are being packed are the ones Romney will have to pack going back to Massachusetts.. OBAMA 2012"

"Romney, A greedy tax cheat who stashes his ill-gotten money in Swiss banks like the Mafia, I believe that there is something more than just the typical money laundering charge with people who hide their money in foreign accounts. by refusing to divulge it, Romney may be hiding something even bigger than just not paying taxes or the methods in which he obtained his wealth by stealing money from regular Americans, I think that there is something even shadier going on with the Mormon guy. I just can’t believe that Republicans would support this very very shady man."

"LMAO …… Mitt … you and your non working wifey poo are just a couple of blow hards. I’ve got news for both of you …… the Whitehouse is no longer for sale to you rich pieces of ****."

Of course, I wouldn't expect any less from the ignorant, cult members of the left who, ironically, take their marching orders from the corrupt Chicago on the Potomac leviathan who spoon feeds them every manner of divisive talking points. Women are "under attack". Republicans hate minorities. Rich people need to be taxed higher to pay for poor people's cigarettes, booze, and lottery tickets, etc.

Speaking of rich, out of touch people...let's take a look at our "down to earth" President the rich people-haters so love to worship as "one of them".

In 2007, Barack Obama made 4.2 million. In 2008, 2.6 million. In 2009, 5.5 million. In 2010, 1.7 million. In 2011, only $789,674. Wow, it really took a dip!

Bear in mind, this is the guy whose income is from writing a book and being in government. Never has be worked a real job. Never has be filled a payroll. Never has he hired a worker. Never has he struggled to pay for anything. The guy was pampered from day one, through college, all the way to the White House and it shows in his and his family's behavior, as if Emperor and Empress.

The Dear Leader who is so in touch with the every day American is the guy who has continues to take extravagant, lavish vacations on the taxpayer dime. 1.4 million family vaca to Hawaii. A 10 day private excursion at Martha's Vineyard. 92+ rounds of golf. Secret "Alice in Wonderland" parties at the White House with Johnny Depp.

At least when Bush vacationed, he went to his own place and spent his off time clearing brush.

Michelle? The "down to earth" First Lady spent 10 million effing dollars in vacations in ONE year. Michelle, the "down to earth" First Lady flies to her exotic vacation spots separately. Michelle, the--you get the picture...enjoying the fruits of her labor with 60 of her friends on vacation in Spain. Michelle Obama, who carries around a $6000 purse. And wears $635 shoes. And 40K diamonds. And 2K dresses.

Barack and Michelle Obama are perhaps the most out of touch political family in America. They are fraud lawyers who have never worked a real job in their lives. Never created any wealth. Never struggled paycheck to paycheck. Never contributed a single, damn thing to the American economy.

As of just a few days ago, Barack is now "scouting out" Colombia as another possible vacation spot for Empress Michelle.

It is such a sick irony.

You all better get used to it. This will be a liberal attack you are going to hear the entire year. 

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