Friday, April 13, 2012

The typical Obama supporter.

Based upon countless hours of debating and discussing issues with Obama supporters, both online and in person, I can effectively summarize by placing them in one of three groups.

A) They hate whitey.
B) They believe women are under attack.
C) They hate rich people.

In each of these subgroups, rational thought process is thrown out the window and facts ignored, while extreme emotion governs all. In most cases, the rabid Obama supporter (more a card carrying cultist than anything) is angry or feels genuinely threatened.

Subgroup A is predominately African-American, with a small percentage of guilty east and west coast liberals making up the rest. They march in step with the doctrines of Jeremiah Wright, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, Derrick Bell, Eric Holder, and ultimately, race baiting extraordinaire Barack Obama.  They believe the white man has kept them down and will always keep them down. They want Obama to give them money. They believe in reparations for slavery. They believe whitey is evil. They are angry, emotional, unstable people who get preyed on by the likes of the above mentioned race baiting All Star team. This can be found in the political reactions to the seemingly apolitical Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. Of course, to those in subgroup A, facts are funny things not to be believed. Black people are under attack, literally and metaphorically, by white people and Barack Obama will save them by paying for their gasoline and mortgage and sticking it to the white man.

Subgroup B represents a new brand of vicious feminism, crafted and nurtured by the Obama campaign for the very purpose of the 2012 election. Naturally, those in this category are mostly women. And, naturally, emotions run high. This is makes them vulnerable and Democrats have wasted no time in taking advantage of it. The Obama warriors is subgroup B legitimately believe that Republicans hate women. That Republicans want to ban any and all forms of women's birth control. Women's health is under attack! (*only limited to reproductive organs.) That Republicans want women out of all leadership roles. That Republicans, if elected, will take women back to the pre-suffrage era. They view pursuit of happiness as "like, you know, like, free birth control." No facts or basis for these arguments is ever provided, simply emotionally charged Democratic talking points that are parroted over and over again like a broken record. Strangely, those in subgroup B are also allies with subgroup A, in that they both share a distinct common enemy: Caucasian males. Only Caucasian males share the brunt of the emotion and anger emanating from subgroup B.

Subgroup C encompasses most of the Democratic party and the Obama base. The stance of this camp can best be understood by visiting any Occupy Wall Street event. Unlike subgroups A and B, subgroup C is not limited to any one race or gender. Those here are ticked they don't make as much money as others in America and they want more without having to earn it. They dislike Capitalism. They don't like to work. They look down on business and most believe in any one of the leftist "isms". Marxism. Socialism. Communism. Whatever works to take money from the rich and give it to them. Like A and B, the Bolsheviks in C are angry and feel threatened. They hate the rich man and they believe more money should be confiscated by government from them so the poor can buy more alcohol, cigarettes, and lottery tickets from the gas station every Friday.

This is the Obama base. Angry people who hate the white man, hate the rich man, and believe in the Obama fabricated "war on women". All 3 feel they are victims of an unjust society and they need the helping hand of government. Just like a cultist would, they parrot everything they are spoon fed by their leaders. Their emotions take over and rational thought is thrown aside.

The Kool Aid is a'flowin! 

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