Saturday, April 7, 2012

Baltimore man beaten, robbed while crowd watches and laughs.

You can learn a few things from this video.
1) Alcohol never leads to anything good.
2) Being in an urban area at night never leads to anything good.
3) It's ok. He's white.


The Conservative Lady said...

You got that right, Hack.
Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Very True

Happy Easter Hack

Ron Russell said...

I can recall days when this didn't happen and one could walk the streets in safety. Times have changed and the folks at NBC and others have to take some of the blame. No Sharpton and Jackson will say nothing---it just doesn't fit their agenda. With those two if its not white on black crime then its not news worthy. Great find on the video Hack. I'm posting on this topic tomorrow at TOTUS.

One Guy 2012 said...

I have the same incident, albeit filmed from a different angle.

Urban areas will be the first to burn themselves down when the crap hits the fan. It's their self-destructive nature.

I live near NYC and you can't pay me enough to venture into that cesspool of crime, victims, race-hustlers and miscreants.

One Guy 2012 said...


Hey, did you see this one yet?

Kill Crackers. Nice.

Well, I reckon I should just off myself right now before the Black Panthers Panties Party shoots me dead.

Fredd said...

Walking around late at night in nasty urban areas has been known to be dangerous for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Much like swimming in shark infested waters with fresh T-bone steaks strapped to your arms and legs: you're just begging for bad things to happen to you.


And no, this kind of crime does not further the interest of the Justice Brothers (Jackso and Sharpton), when asked to comment on this, we can expect to hear nothing but crickets chirping.