Monday, April 16, 2012

Infowars and followers of the Alex Jones cult.

Usually, if I ever get into any sort of political discussion with anyone, the moment they use as a source, I know any sort of rational debate or discourse is over and promptly end the conversation. The followers of the Alex Jones cult and his premier propaganda outlet, Infowars, are some of the most despicable people that can be found across the entire political spectrum.

Take this article for example.

Man Locked in House Burned to Death in Foreclosure Eviction Shoot-out with Cops

Police say a man shot a sheriff’s deputy and a locksmith when they tried to evict him from the his apartment which was being foreclosed on.

Police say the man then locked himself inside the house resulting in a standoff with police during which police flew flash grenades, tear gas and other concussive explosive devices into the apartment for over an hour in an attempt to force the man out.

The result of the chaos was a fire during the which the man was burned to death.

Seemingly a non story. But if you'll look at the comments from the Infowars community, you will see that the entire purpose of this story was to blame the police for "murdering" an innocent citizen; and further proof of the "fascist police state".

Some words of wisdom from the Alex Jones crowd:

"Were the cops wearing their black executioner hoods when they killed the guy? They at least owed him that… to know the faces of his killers."

"Maybe this type of resistance is just what the doctor ordered (and I don’t mean Ron Paul). A rapid response team of well disciplined patriots could have swept in and cleaned out that SWAT team in 30 seconds flat. Hell, they only had 10 hours to prepare for it! I envision about 15 men on fast motorcycles armed with well sighted semi automatic rifles coming in from behind with a surprise attack inflicting enormous, demoralizing damage to the NWO minions. They could vanish in all directions as quickly as they came in. And when the cops parade their falled “heros” through the streets of Modesto for the fools to worship, they could attack them again! This is where it is all headed so why waste time. They will get the hint real quick that there is no percentage in doing the banker’s bidding. Organize!!!"

"Suicide by cop. There are some things that are worse than death itself, like living on the streets, enslavement or Fascism, of course there are those who actually think otherwise, like homeless people, slaves and Fascists."

"I keep telling everyone Cops are not our friends..When my States says its illegal to carry nun-Chucks or a metal baton ..I say come and get them..We have the right to bear arms any arms!!!
This Country is going to be at war soon!!!"

Notice not a single word of condemnation for the criminal who shot and killed the locksmith and deputy. So is the nature of Alex Jones anarchists.

I almost got sucked in to the anarchist, anti-authority, 9/11 truther, Alex Jones crowd. Until I realized they were just that. A fringe group of extreme anarchist libertarians who hate America and believe a government conspiracy is the cause every time their internet connection goes out. These people represent a small cross section of the Ron Paul base. Speaking from personal experience, the time I began taking everything that Alex Jones and Infowars said as gospel was also the time when I began to follow Ron Paul (roughly 2007-2008). Many of their views are in bed with each other and, if you'll look very closely, aligned with the Occupy Wall Street movement as well.

Alex Jones types within the Ron Paul movement do not in any way help his credibility, or the credibility of Ron Paul followers. I've written many times about "The Ron Paul Cult" and I've also stressed that these nutjobs are not representative of the entire Paul base. Regardless, they should be addressed by someone. The Ron Paul following has been hijacked from sensible limited government libertarians (Tim Daniel of Left Coast Rebel comes to mind) by extreme anarchist lunatics who share a variety of characteristics including: blatant and vicious Antisemitism, complete disregard for any and all authority, equal hatred for conservatives and liberals, 9/11 conspiracy theories, hatred towards the military and police, and rabid support for legalizing drugs. These views are exactly in lock step with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Alex Jones and his following of cowardly, Guy Fawkes mask wearing, anarchist children and revolutionary wannabes should be rounded up and put in the fictional Fema "concentration camps" they so love to scream about. Hopefully, under the watchful and abusive guard of the police officers and SWAT teams they so badly want to kill.

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Adrienne said...

The real problem with Jones is he gets lots of stuff right, but you always have to do massive amounts of sorting to get to the gold. I believe in "trust, but verify and with him it's a huge job.

He was several days ahead of everyone else on this oil thingy going down today.

And, wow! - the commenters. Weird!