Sunday, April 22, 2012

Feminists attack LEGO for marketing toys for girls.

It's always a lose lose with feminazis. Exclude them and they'll scream "oppression". Include them and they'll fabricate a bogus claim that girls are being prodded by society from an early age to be.........GIRLS! The horror!
"They have little breasts and they have fancy hair," the organization's executive director, Dana Edell, told "And it just disturbs us that this is the image that they want girls to see." Edell also objects to what she calls stereotyping of preferred pastimes for girls. "What it's doing is telling girls that this is what's important to you," Edell said of the beauty parlor and hot tub sets. "Girls aren't building space shuttles, they're getting their nails done."

Would you rather they have huge arms, beards, and working construction?

This is the same psychopathic phobia that causes ultra relativist liberals in Sweden to test their idiot social experiments on pre-schoolers in a special "gender neutral school".  It is also the same disorder (and I'm putting that lightly) that drives a Canadian couple to raise their child in a "gender neutral" environment, free from "social constraints". A couple in Sweden also did this, and I'm sure there are many more around the world in enlightened hotspots of liberal enlightenment where up = down, right = wrong, and there is really no definition to anything at all, except what you make of it.

Boys and girls are genetically wired to be drawn to different things. It is how we grow up to be men and women, with unique characteristics, desires, and views of life. There are many liberals, and extreme feminists particularly, who simply do not understand the ways of the world and what is normal and what is not normal. They want men and women to be equal, not only in sensible matters such as suffrage and work pay, but also physically, mentally, and spiritually to a degree so extreme, that there no longer are any definitive characteristics of male and female and the concepts of femininity and masculinity are things of the past. 

This relativist ideology dominates thinking on the left, in every nation. 


Gorges Smythe said...

The problem is that there should have been a couple dykes and biological gender-benders among the crowd. By the way, why aren't they screaming about the exclusion of fat girls? Do they have something against fat girls? Or is it okay to exclude fat girls? What about ugly girls? Why aren't they demanding some ugly dolls? Would they have been happier if they company came out with boy dolls for little girls? Would it have been okay if the BOY dolls had little breasts and pretty hair and had their nails done? Somehow, I don't think they're going to buy ANY idea that isn't their own, and when they do, it will be anti-male.

Silverfiddle said...

This stuff sounds like something out of The Onion, but unfortunately, it's real...

Put down GI Joes complete with armaments, and Barbies with their clothes and Barbie house, and the girls will go for the barbies every time.

I remember reading about a study a few years ago where they made boys play with barbies. The social engineers were completely dismayed and horrified to see the boys end up sword fighting with the barbies.

Anonymous said...

God Help Us

Fredd said...

Silver: I remember that a few years ago, boys given barbie dolls and using barbies as swords. Same study, they also saw the boys pushing barbies through the sand box pretending they were trucks.

And the little girls in the study would pull up their Tonka trucks to the play table and have a truck tea party.

Stupid liberals. As an old Texas army buddy of mine would say, these feminists don't have the sense to pour piss out of a boot (even with directions printed on the heel).