Wednesday, April 18, 2012

America's poor: Not so poor.

Is our country really that poor? I don't think so.

The moment those in poverty sell their television, their personal computer, their cell phone, their Air Jordans, their silver watches, gold chains, and 22s then I might consider that person to be in a state of relative poverty.

The United States is the only nation on earth where "poor" people can still afford a decent sized house/apartment, a computer and monthly internet service, a TV, a cell phone, expensive shoes, a car, lottery tickets, cigarettes, and routine weekend escapades to the clubs and bars downtown.

These are the same people who are "struggling to put food on the table" and desperately in need of government assistance.

Don't tell me you're poor because you can't afford to go to the club this weekend. And don't tell me our government needs to "tax the rich" so you can indulge yourself some more on the taxpayer dime.

The moment I see a homeless person with basketball shoes or a basketball jersey, a watch, nice jeans, and a cell phone, I lose any and all sympathy I might have had for them. Likewise, I have no sympathy for the "struggling" lower class in America who somehow doesn't have enough money to put food on the table but has plenty of money for non-necessities.

The American standard of living far exceeds that of the rest of the world, and our warped perception of "poverty" is a testament to this. Anyone who has traveled to a 3rd world country can attest.

Along similar lines,  the poverty stricken "victims" of this unfair, cruel, and inherently racist society also seem to be able to afford Obama 2012 bumper stickers in droves for their low riding Cadillacs and Lincolns.

Give me a break. 


Criminologista said...

THANK YOU. People who can't afford cable or a flat screen are now 'poor.' We're the only nation in the world where the poor are obese. People don't understand the implications of this. There are dozens of middle aged Americans in my apartment complex who drive $70,000 cars... Yet they're living in an apartment!!!! It's crazy. People need to get their priorities straight. This type of materialism is why our economy is like it is today (one of the reasons). Everybody is buying things with money they don't have. Blows my mind.

Fredd said...

A 'poor' American is much akin to:

* the skinniest sumo wrestler in the tournament
* the 49th runner up in the Miss America contest (you know, the 'homely' one)
* the dumbest guy in the Mensa club meeting (you know, the 140 IQ 'idiot')
* I could go on, but I won't

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

How much is an Obama bumper sticker? I'd ask for my money back.

American Jihad said...

The media has trotted out Newt Gingrich’s ex. They trotted out an alleged mistress of Herman Cain. Why are they so silent about Barack Husein Obama’s ex? Humm??

Mike aka Proof said...

If you compare life's amenities, luxuries, and the longevity of today's "poor" in America to medieval kings, you start to feeling sorry for royalty.

LibertyAtStake said...

The proof of your hypothesis is the constant "awareness raising" of the progressive busybodies around obesity in the lower classes. Obesity? Come talk to me about poverty when your worried about where the next meal is coming from.

Anonymous said...

How can you not have symphathy for those who actually are in poverty. One person cant reflect on how everyone else is living. So when you do experience povery, think about what you just said.