Monday, April 30, 2012

"Our Hero" Ron Paul

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Notice the capital "H". This was the latest headline over at The Daily Paul. I am actually taking a course called Cult Behavior 101. My textbook is The Daily Paul.

"Ron in past speeches has referenced the Lord of the Rings. For those of you that are familiar with the story, after hearing what my friend said, it made me think of Ron being Frodo and having to carry such a heavy burden in his quest to destroy the great evil that is close to destroying everything that We, the free peoples of this World hold dear. He carries all of our hopes and dreams. So my friends, My fellow Patriots, I ask you with great humbleness and sincerity, To remember, that we all need to be lifting Ron up and filling him with positive energy and Peace. We all need to be careful, To not drain our Hero in our quest to gain his energy and wisdom. To be mindful, To not increase his burden by placing our expectations on him. He has to be exhausted and overwhelmed. Let us all focus as much consciousness and energy as we can towards Ron, So he can find his balance and some Inner Peace."

Like I have said before, these types don't really fight for freedom. They fight for a figure they want to rely on, a cult of personality, and a Savior.

I wish the 10% of Ron Paul supporters who actually support the message more than the man would openly denounce the cult behavior spewed daily within the Paul ranks.

It is really a shame. Ron Paul had a good message but his candidacy was marred by lunatics and closet liberals within his base. The same happened in 2008 with Truthers, though that has died down a bit in 2012.

Maybe sometime within the next 10 years some of them will admit Ron Paul didn't get the nomination in 2012.


Silverfiddle said...

I've reached the same conclusion. I love his domestic policy, but I can't decide which is scarier, his foreign policy or his followers*

*-Not all followers. I know a few myself and they are good people, but he does seem to attract a lot of neonazis, white supremacists, 911 troofers and OWS types, and I find that disturbing.

Mike aka Proof said...

If Paul's supporters would only be as dedicated to getting rid of Obama as they are to getting Paul the nomination, they'd have more credibility with the very people they need to convince.

Hack said...

Silver: You and I are exactly on the same page.

Proof: I wish that were true. But as I have written many times here, they truly legitimately believe any person other than Ron Paul would be "just as bad as Obama."

Fuzzy Slippers said...

It's so true. While I totally disagree with Ron Paul on foreign policy, he does make some great points and have good ideas. Buuuuut, nothing turns me off him quite as much as his foaming-at-the-mouth, rude, nasty, hateful acolytes. They make him look like a bigger loon than his own foreign policies do (and he's totally nuts there). Sad, but true.

Steverino said...

Hey, Slack. Sorry you got the batch of sour grapes. Maybe next time.

You, on the Right, need to change your diapers and man up.