Monday, April 30, 2012

Left wing hypocrisy when it comes to life and war.

We all know the drill. When a Republican is president during a war, the anti-war, neo-hippies who value human life protest in droves. When a Democrat is president............... ......... ...... .... ... .. . . .

Ex-CIA Interrogator: Obama's War on Terror Is Less Ethical Than Bush's

It is a hypocrisy that reeks of self righteous indifference. Democrats and liberals make hypocrisy an art. When it comes to the of life and war, the party that touts itself as the one fighting for rights, tolerance, peace, and love falls short.

The Democrats' eerie silence during the Obama years on war is much the same as the Republicans' eerie silence on spending during the Bush years. Liberals love to ask, "Where was the tea party during the Bush years?" They have a valid point. But now I ask, "Where in the hell is the anti-war movement during the Obama years?" Gone without a trace. As Warden Norton put it in the Shawshank Redemption..."...up and vanished like a fart in the wind!"

Obama continued military operations both in Iraq and Afghanistan. But let's not stop there. Obama decided to go beyond what Bush could ever dream of, launching military operations in Yemen, Libya, and now has US special forces on the ground in Africa. Drone attacks in Pakistan have jumped from 8 strikes per year under Bush, to a staggering 63 strikes per year under Obama, and that isn't even counting the 8 months remaining in 2012. The Bureau of Investigative Journalism reports 52 total strikes under Bush and 267 under Obama. Still "air raiding villages and killing civilians it seems..."

Oh but wait!

Obama ended the War in Iraq, remember? He put an end to Bush's stupid war. He brought the troops home!  The nonsense is laughable. If you'll recall, anti-war presidential candidate Obama promised throngs of salivating, fainting voters that bringing troops home from Iraq and ending the war would be the very first thing he would do as president. Instead, he stuck to the Bush timetable of 12/31/11 and put Iraq on the backburner while fighting for more important things.

"Obama got Osama!" Now this one really makes me want to vomit. The left actually pretending to care about the war on terrorism or capturing/killing Osama bin Laden. Because this happened under Obama's watch, the anti-war, hippie left is now ecstatic. Not because we killed Osama, but because Obama can take credit for something...anything. Nevermind the fact that the left adamantly opposed all operations in Afghanistan to fight the Taliban or kill Osama, as early as, well, before the invasion even took place in 2001! It's ok though, because Barack Obama is president.

American casualties during the Obama war years have skyrocketed. But the media won't report on that. During Bush's rule, from 2001-2008, 564 US troops died in Afghanistan, an average of 70 a year. During Obama's rule, from 2009-2012, 1314 US troops have died in Afghanistan, an average of 328 a year...and that isn't even counting the remaining 8 months of 2012! Where oh where is peace loving liberal media? Where oh where is the anti-war left?

They are liars and hypocrites.

On the issue of war they have no credibility. Expect the anti-war protests to magically spring to life once again if Mitt Romney wins the election. And if their disgusting, vile indifference towards war isn't bad enough, their hypocrisy on the value of life is even worse.

The party of rights and love and peace and tolerance somehow also seems to be the party that supports extinguishing human life in its most precious, delicate, and early stages...on a mass scale. Life is sacred and the most fundamental human right is life, yet those that tout themselves as the champions of human rights fail to acknowledge this most basic human right.

Yet somehow, these people that claim to love life, who love to protest war and the killing of innocent civilians (when a Republican is in power) and support the aborting of innocent human life strangely DO support the human life of those who have taken innocent human life, in the most diabolic of ways. It couldn't get any more backwards.

Liberals: Fighting for the right to life for Charles Manson, fighting against the right to life for an unborn child, and supporting war, if a Democrat is in charge.

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What do people really expect from liberal leaning loonies! Unfortunately their typical Bullshit