Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Journalists for Obama!

Mitt Romney and the GOP are battling not just Obama and the Democrats, but the referees as well.

In recent NFL officiating fiascos, teams are getting screwed over by poor, one sided officiating and blown calls. The Romney campaign faces the same uphill battle. It isn't a bad call here and there. It is a constant flow of regurgitated smears and negativity directed towards Romney while consistently digging in a defensive perimeter around Barack Obama.

The media pose as objective journalists, "fact checkers", and unbiased commentators but in reality, they are as partisan as myself. The difference between myself and Andrea Mitchell, is that I openly state I am a conservative with a right wing bias. Andrea Mitchell, Martin Bashir, Piers Morgan, and the whole kitten caboodle of lovey dovey Obama tit sucking journalists are willfully lying to the American people when they claim to be non biased reporters. That should be a punishable crime.

Currently, the media is in a self induced Obama hopium, choom wagon high as they work around the clock to create public perception, instead of accurately reporting it. The swine at the major networks are gleefully reporting that Obama is running away in the polls and that Mitt Romney doesn't have a chance. Their primary mission is to suppress Republican voter turnout by convincing conservative voters that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan don't have a chance at winning. But the fact of the matter is that the "polls" the media are using as evidence of Obama's inevitability are polls that oversample Democrats by absurd numbers ranging anywhere from 8 to 20 points. This is a crime. But the people they are really hurting is Democrats, because they won't know what to believe anymore after election day. The media is deliberately deceiving the American public by manipulating numbers to mask Romney's real support. When all is said and done, and Romney beats Obama by 2-4 points, expect to see hordes of liberal airheads claiming any one of the following because the media led them to believe it was impossible for Romney to win:

1) Racism
2) Voter fraud
3) Romney spent more money (see Wisconsin recall election)

But for fun, let's just take a look at a few of the headlines at this very moment.

Yahoo News:



Anonymous said...

The ENTIRE NFL is UNION. Get that?

The players bargain for their salaries.

The ETIRE REFEREE employees are UNION too.

The Owners are Corporate Greedy Bastards. They milk the Cities for Tax Breaks, They milk the companies for breaks in "We will leave you if you don't work with us." SMG is a great example. Then when they had no where to go b/c of a bad economy, they and the FANS (you and me) couldn't afford increases in ticket costs, they went after the players. The players said prove it. Show your books and show us your losses! They couldn't and caved. So, now they're going after the lowest paid NFL employees ... the Refferes.

SAD ... All about money and not about the game. You want Part Time Refs vs. FullTime? You want Shit?


White Guy in Alaska.

Anonymous said...

Ask yourself this.

Why is everyone that negotiates thier wages making more than YOU?

Why are all the Sports entities part of UNIONS?


No clue ... because they ask for more than you jackasses that believe Repiggy's serve YOUR INTERESTS. They get medical benefits, they get Pensions, they get LIFE LONG Residuals for their play.


Owners --- They SERVE THEIR INTERESTS (FIRST)! (trying to screw you out of your benefits.)...

... and you asses swallow it hook, line and sinker.

Wake Up !!!

White Guy in Alaska!