Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Let's talk about radical Islam.

Above is a photo of the American flag being ripped down from the American embassy in Cairo. Below is a photo of radical Muslims dragging the dead body of American ambassador Christopher Stevens through the streets of Benghazi, Libya.

Violent mobs stormed the embassies in both Cairo and Benghazi in the past 24 hours. Today, mobs of angry Muslims are protesting outside the American embassy in Tunis,Tunisia. Warnings have been issued to American embassies in Armenia, Burundi, Kuwait, Sudan, Tunisia, and Zambia. The mobs are angry over an anti-Islam documentary film directed by American Sam Bacile, who has since gone into hiding. Is this a surprise to anyone? Muslims going nuts, killing everyone they see over a perceived injustice is nothing new to the world, as the one hundred dead bodies of the 2005-2006 Mohammad cartoon protests would like to tell you if they were here.

Remember when Barack Obama first became President? He immediately extended an olive branch to the Muslim world, apologizing to the victims of American foreign policy. He thought because he has brown skin, an Islamic upbringing in Jakarta, and the middle name 'Hussein', that the Arab street will graciously accept him in the same manner that Americans did in 2008. His intent may have been noble, but it was a gross miscalculation.

Within the past 4 years, the Muslim world has become more radicalized and more dangerous. When the citizens of Iran rose up in defiance of the illegitimate reelection of tyrant Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2009, the Obama administration looked the other way. The Green Movement in Iran which had the potential to remove Ahmadinejad from power and replace him with a more moderate leader was violently crushed. They received no support. Today, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad remains in power, ratcheting up fiery, hostile rhetoric towards Israel that threatens to engulf the entire region, and perhaps the entire world in a large scale war.

Conversely, during the Arab Spring in 2011, revolutions gripped the Muslim world on a mass scale. In Egypt, people demonstrated against President Hosni Mubarak, a long time American ally. Instead of supporting our ally, the Obama administration lent backing to the revolutionaries who pretended they wanted democracy. Mubarak was ousted from power, and the Egyptian people willfully replaced him with the radical Muslim Brotherhood, led by newly elected President Mohamed Morsi. An Egypt run by Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood just miles from the Israeli border is a recipe for disaster. As revolution spiraled out of control in Libya, the United States actually provided military support to the rebels, many of them Al Qaida, who sought to remove Muammar Gaddafi from power. The extremist rebels took over and now run an unstable government that has already committed countless atrocities against Libyan citizens, specifically black Africans in the south. The revolutions of the Arab Spring didn't improve anything. They made things much worse and volatile, as the recent embassy attacks demonstrate.

The Muslim world is becoming more radicalized and more hostile to the United States and Israel. It is an irreversible trend. If Iran obtains a nuclear weapon, what then? If Israel strikes Iran this fall, what then? When the European continent becomes majority Muslim, what then? Americans need to accept these truths. Radical Islam exists, and is transforming the world into a much more dangerous place.

I spent a year in Baghdad on a mission where I was in extremely close contact with radical Muslims who had carried out horrendous, gruesome terrorist acts. Some were Al Qaida. Some were Sunni nationalists. Some belonged to smaller, lesser known Islamic factions. And some were just loners who got sucked in by the propaganda. But they all shared a common ideology that made them become terrorists in the first place. They hated America and American values to the core. They hated Israel. They believed it was their duty to kill the 'Kafir' (unbeliever) and they wanted to establish a global Islamic caliphate. They believed the West was a direct threat to the Islamic world and needed to be crushed. Hearing murderous killers like Ali Musa Daqduq, who was just recently released by the Iraqi government, scream "Allahu Akbar!" and "On 9/11 we f***ed your mother!" among other things, offered sobering truth. The Islamic call to prayer, the screaming of 'Allahu Akbar!', and the frothy, hate laced diatribes towards America screamed by the terrorists I spoke with is a mere sliver of what the Islamic world feels towards the West and Israel. Those in denial who label those who point out these truths as "neocons" would sing a different tune if they experienced what I have. I challenge you liberal. I challenge you libertarian. I challenge you anti-war activist. Bring it! Your denial laden bitching about America's faults is futile. And when the reality of a large scale war, which will happen in the future, sets in, calling everyone a "neocon" or "warmonger" will be the furthest thing from your mind.

Islamic terrorist activities are on the rise in nations like Yemen, Thailand, the Philippines, Pakistan, Libya, Somalia and even traditional European states while moderate Arab governments are being replaced by more radical Islamic governments. Mark Steyn highlights in his book, "After America", of the shifting demographic trends in the Islamic world. The younger generation of Muslims is replacing the older moderate generation. In addition, the European continent is quickly becoming more and more Muslim as a result of an influx of Islamic immigrants having more and more children while traditional Europeans are having less and less children. When Europe becomes majority Islamic, the liberals can kiss the social democratic state goodbye. Then, conservatives will be the least of their worries. As radical Islam is taking root in the Middle East and infecting the European continent, it is also being exported to places such as Latin America, where it was recently reported that Iran has established Hezbollah training camps in Nicaragua.

Barack Obama's foreign policy is an utter failure in regards to this. All the platitudes spouted to the Muslim world to get them to like us fell on deaf ears. Just tell that to the family of slain ambassador Christopher Stevens. Obama also ordered the mission of NASA be changed from space exploration to "making the Muslims feel better about their contributions to science". Did that work? Obama's first interview as president was to go on Al Arabiya and reassure the Muslim world that he will be nice to them. Did that work? Obama ordered that the word "Islam" be removed from all federal law enforcement training manuals. Did that work? After the mass shooting by Muslim extremist Nidal Malik Hasan at Fort Hood, Obama's first comments were, "let's not jump to conclusions...", meaning, "I know this guy was a Muslim and his actions were based on that, but let's not make that fact known."

You see, people like Obama, his leftie loon followers, and many libertarian "non interventionists" live in a perpetual state of denial. They are pre programmed to dismiss the threats of Islamic extremism and instead point the finger at the United States as the cause of all the world's woes. But the day is coming when all of those naive, childish notions will be replaced by a strong dose of reality. It could take place as early as this fall. 

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