Sunday, September 2, 2012

Romney, GOP in solid shape after convention.

Before the Republican Convention last week, there was a consensus amongst the conservative punditry that the Republican ticket was faltering and in jeopardy because of Todd Akin. While the media, and both conservatives and liberals, ran the Akin story to death, Romney dipped noticeably in the polls. Double trouble approached while the Akin narrative was being vomited all over the national stage, when Hurricane Isaac began to approach from the Gulf just as the Republican Convention had kicked off.

Isaac missed Tampa much to the chagrin of the left, and made landfall in Louisiana, but it didn't come close to the catastrophe Katrina was, despite the liberal media giving themselves a hemorrhoid trying to push out that story. As Isaac is old news, so is Akin, but Obama and the left will still try and run with that one, and you probably won't stop hearing his name from now until election day from the Obama camp. They'd rather talk about him than the failing economy. I don't blame them.

Akin and Isaac gave Obama a boost pre convention. Romney got a boost post convention.

Today Romney is ahead 4 points according to Rasmussen, and the Real Clear Politics aggregate is now down to Obama +0.1. Romney is now ahead 2 points in Florida. The latest PPP poll in Missouri shows the "unelectable" Akin down by a mere point against Claire McCaskill. And a number that should excite conservatives the most...Rasmussen reports the largest number of people in America identifying themselves as Republican since the polling source began tracking this number in 2002.

Expect the Democrats to even the odds after their convention this week. And don't forget, the next morning after Obama gives his acceptance speech, the new jobs report comes out. Perfect timing!


Rational Nation USA said...

Nobody with any brain in their head cares about Mitt Romney,'s faith. . But, this shows how desperate the libtards are to find fault with something about Mitt Romney. ..

I'll call your Mormon and raise you one Muslim, three Black Panthers, and one Harry Reid!.

Hack said...

You hit the nail on the head. They wanna talk religion? I'd be glad to talk religion with a lesson on Jeremiah Wright and Black Liberation Theology 101.

Anonymous said...

I'll call your haters but raise you a few classic domestic terrorists . Give me your sick ass Timothy McVeigh, Scott Roeder, and (foreign) Anders Behring Breivik despiser and lover of Right-Wing nut jobiness.

Should I throw in the Klu Klux Klan for good measure? Whick nut Job Militia you want to throw in?

Which one you want David Duke (R) or KKK Byrd (D)?


White Guy in Alaska.

Hack said...

I'll raise you one Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot and Kim Jong Il and call it a day. There, you'll have more dead bodies than you can count...over 100 million to be exact. Your guy Marx initiated the largest mass murder in the history of humanity and you'll never be able to defend it.

Anonymous said...

Here then at least take Hitler, he was a facist (def: Far Right-Wing Nut). We don't use Russian Propaganda like you do, ... say it over and over and then you will believe it's the truth. You know ala Bush "you got to say it over and over again till it sinks in, to kinda catapult the propaganda."

That's the right's strategy. A lie told over and over becomes in your low-information voters heads ... PRAVDA. No?

White Guy in Alaska.

Silverfiddle said...

Alaska: Like all good liberals, you deal in false equivalencies and other logical fallacies.

Conservative do not embrace the haters and domestic terrorists you cite. In fact, they drummed Duke out of the GOP, while the democrats embraced KKK Byrd and lady killer Fat Teddy Kennedy.

Liberals do embrace the destructive, anti-American ideology of Frank Marshall Davis and Revs Wright and Pflieger. They embrace unrepentant terrorists of the weather underground.

We separate ourselves, in word and action, from the extreme fringes; Democrats embrace their leftwing extremists.

Anonymous said...

Since you disavow the extremes of your party? What's your opinion of the Hostage situations the Tea Party holds in your "conservative party?" Bills that passed b/c of logic and simple procedure, for the good of the country were held up. I'm glad Moderate Republicans are making a comeback.

Who do feel is extreme in your party at this time? I 'd like your opinion before I list your wing-nuts.

White Guy in Alaska

Hack said...

White Guy, don't you dare lecture myself or anyone else on extremism. It is your party and your side that embraces the practice of late term abortion, a procedure as barbaric as any genocide in the history of humanity. Barack Obama has consistently voted in favor of the practice and liberals like you back him up on it. You are a disgrace to humanity if you continue to defend this practice and defend this president's support for it, and until you confront that fact, don't you dare accuse another of extremism.

Mike aka Proof said...

Anonymous: "... the Hostage situations the Tea Party holds in your "conservative party?"

The Tea Party holds no one "hostage", nor is the Republican party a homogenously "conservative" party.

You need to get away from left wing talking points and begin to think for yourself. Maybe do some reading on your own. You might be surprised what you could learn? Or are left wing cliches all you've got?

Anonymous said...

Hack, we're the party that hopes and promotes no abortion, but if it is inevitable, we're not going to be the party that forces them to go underground and buy a hanger and risk their lives.

I'm sorry ... struck a nerve I did.

Don't worry this ahole is gone in AZ to a Moderate

His Name:

Pearce loses race to return to Ariz. Legislature.

The Actual Sponsor of HB 1070 AZ Immigration Law loses in his primary to a moderate. HA HA HA!!!

You are extreme, and as a point, I will continue to call it out. Whether you like it or not! You can't silence me. You have no power over me. You have nothing over me.

I will call your extremism out!

I have a right just like YOU!

White Guy in Alaska.

Hack said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hack said...

Your party does promote abortion and uses taxpayer dollars to do it. Your favorite president voted 3 times in the Illinois legislature to deny legal personhood rights to a newborn baby born alive accidentally from a failed abortion. That's sick, and you are sick for nonchalantly brushing that little fun fact aside. "Meh..." Your philosophy is sick, derived from Father Marx all those years ago, where murderous freaks like Margaret Sanger, Stalin, Pol Pot, and Mao sprang forth to enact their utopian vision on the world with reckless abandon. You want to talk extremism White Boy in Alaska? Your political ideology is the most extremist and deadly idea in the history of humanity. Your leftist utopian vision has snuffed out more human life from this earth in just the 20th century, than Adolf Hitler or Nero could have ever dreamed, both born and unborn. Now get off my blog you big dope. You're in time out for a while.

Anonymous said...

Throwing in the Towel ... so soon?

Bwa Hah Hah Ha ha ha


Romney, GOP Groups Pull Ads From Michigan and Pennsylvania

Eric Kleefeld-September 6, 2012, 11:34 AM

Republicans signaled this week that they might have given up hope in two important swing states.

White Guy in Alaska

Hack said...

Newflash dumbo...those aren't red states and aren't needed to win! You take Michigan and Pennsylvania. We'll take Virginia, Ohio, and Florida.