Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2016 Movie Review

Yesterday my family and I saw 2016: Obama's America. We loved it (and hated it!). The movie was well made and well narrated, and lays out a comprehensive argument in easy to understand terms.

Immediately as we approached the theater in the parking lot, an older couple in their 60s perhaps, could be overheard with looks of anguish as they passed us by. Shaking his head, the older gentleman said, "He can't win again." We all looked at each other and knew they had just come out of a screening of 2016. Close behind the couple was a single old woman with a sense of urgency in both her face and walk. She saw us and immediately beelined towards us saying, "You have GOT to see 2016!" We told her we were and she ranted and raved to us for a few minutes about the movie, Obama, and the importance of voting before we finally got inside the theater. Perhaps all the Mediscaring tactics aren't working after all?

We attended a 1:30 in the afternoon showing and the theater was still moderately full. Looking around, most attendees were middle aged couples and senior citizens, and a few younger adults here and there. And all white. That didn't surprise me.

The movie was not entertaining. The information is repulsive and frightening, but it was information I already knew. The movie was produced very well, with purposeful narrating by Dinesh accompanied by a solid soundtrack. If anything, I am glad the facts are now out there for the general population. I am glad names like Frank Marshall Davis and Bill Ayers are now more well known to open minded people.

I don't expect liberals or staunch Democrat voters to want to see or care about this documentary. It contains too many uncomfortable facts about their anointed Comrade. The movie deserves and demands your respect and your willingness to accept and learn little known facts with an open mind, so that automatically disqualifies three quarters of the Democrat base. Those Democrats who would take something away from this are the older conservative blue dog Dems and I know many of them have already seen this.

2016 has already grossed nearly 20 million dollars, stunning the Hollywood elite with its amazing success. Why? 2016 had little to no promotional budget and relied on the power of small media and word of mouth to become popular. That says a lot about the current political climate. 


The Born Again American said...

Exactly right, the Kool-Aide drinkers aren't going to want to see this, it might freak them out... I saw it two weeks ago and also read the book "Roots Of obama's Rage", the man hates America and wants nothing more than to bring us down to the level of 3rd world countries... Why else would he try to calapse our economy, sent us over the debt cliff, while banning oil production here while sending billions to Brazil so they can produce oil... THE MAN IS EVIL...

Daphne Angelus said...

My fiance's dad wanted to go see this movie last week, so I was asked if I wanted to go with my fiance and his parents. I have to admit, I was really on the fence about going. The political arena is more my fiance's calling then mine, but I finally decided into going with them.
I am actually glad I went and it opened my eyes a bit more. Just listening to my fiance rant and rave is one thing, but to see it and hear people talk that are that close to the matters at hand was another.

When the Auditor Controller(I think was his title) was saying how close we are to a financial meltdown scared me. It really scared me and I remember watching the rest of the movie with tears running down my cheeks. All I could think about was the future of my children and their children if it happens.

I just wanted to share what I thought of the movie.

Hack said...

Born Again: Agreed!

Daphne: Thanks for sharing! Great story and I hope there are thousands more like yours! People need to understand what is happening.