Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Don't listen to the garbage polling the media is reporting.

CBS News/NY Times recently released a poll showing Obama ahead 49-46 over Romney. What they didn't tell you? .......

They oversampled Democrats by 13 POINTS.

According to a poll released by CBS and the New York Times, Obama leads Romney 49 - 46 percent, but Newsbusters reported Monday the poll used a sample rate of 13 percent more Democrats than Republicans.
"Clearly, they didn't like what a properly weighted result would have told them, which is that Mitt Romney is in a deadlock with Barack Obama if one uses Gallup's party affiliation numbers from before [the] Democratic National Convention, or that he's up by five points if one opts for Rasmussen's affiliation numbers. In their latest poll, with registered voters, CBS/NYT not only oversampled Democrats, but they took the number of actual responses and further weighted them towards Dems," Tom Blumer wrote.
Initially, the poll used a sample rate of 25.4 percent Republican to 34.7 percent Democrat, but Blumer noted that "an 8-point margin among people they actually spoke with wasn't enough."
So they weighted it even further to favor Democrats.

The media pollsters, who routinely coordinate with the Obama campaign, are reporting consistently bogus polls that mimic 2008 voter turnout in order to boost the perception that Obama is winning. The fact that CBS News and the NY Times had to oversample Dems by 13 points and Obama is still only ahead 3 points should scare the commie out of the Obama campaign.

So here is something you can do. Every time you see a so called poll in the liberal news media, automatically add 2 points to Romney and take away 2 from Obama. You will get a much more accurate number that will be seen on election day.


Silverfiddle said...

At least the press has done us a favor and dropped any pretense of balance.

Anonymous said...

You want balance, here is the aggrigate polls combined.

Romney/Ryan is losing ground.

It changes daily so visit frequently and often. Watch your lead slip in real time.

White Guy in Alaska.

Hack said...

I am pleasantly surprised and very confident with Romney maintaining a close race in the RCP aggregate despite 70% of the polling methodology using 2008 voter turnout numbers that give Democrats anywhere from an 8 to 15 point advantage. Your guy should be ahead by at least 6 with that methodology.