Monday, September 10, 2012

Revolutionary Communists Praise Chicago Teachers Strike!

What a shocker.

From the "Revolutionary Communist Progressive Labor Party":

The situation is ripe with possibility, but without communist politics, these workers in struggle can turn cynical. This is because the ruling class has only begun to attack education workers and our students. We will not be able to beat back all the attacks, no matter how militantly we fight. As long as the capitalists are running things the workers will be left behind.
The capitalists’ plans for our students include war, low-wage jobs or unemployment and a tightening of restrictions to prevent fight-back. The implementation of Common Core State Standards, gives the bosses free reign to impose national standards with no opposition from local teachers. The proliferation of charter schools and online “learning” are all aimed at busting the teachers’ unions. These reforms help the capitalists carry out their plans, no matter how many slogans they develop claiming this is all to benefit the students.
All of the rally speakers represented labor unions. One speaker was from the FOP, Fraternal Order of Police. Teachers should not be uniting with the cops who brutalize their students!
The ruling-class attacks hit black and Latino students the hardest, and is the reason education “reforms” are pushed the hardest in urban areas. Chicago, whose public school students are only 8% white, is a test in many ways.  Workers around the world have sent messages of support and millions are rooting for a successful strike. Whatever gains may be won, will be temporary as long as the capitalists continue to rule. The role of Progressive Labor Party in spreading its message of communism in this strike will be heard worldwide.

Organized labor going hand in hand with revolutionary Communism. Democrats love this stuff! FORWARD to universal utopia Comrades!


Anonymous said...

Unions prevented the abuse of children working at 5 years old in coal mines Unions gave us the 40 Hr work week, Unions fought for benefits, including weekends off. Unions fought for wages which kept up with the times and passed and created the middle class giving us the highest income per capita in the world ... in 1973, We were Awesome! Under Republicans it all fell apart.

All because of REpiggy's

You remember Nixon was the 1st President to RESIGN!!! A Repiggy RESIGNED as President, who was his staff? Rumsfeld, Cheney ... the list goes on and on.

You want to blame someone for our ills. Blame EVERY Repiggy !!!

Sorry, Fact!

White Guy in Alaska.

Silverfiddle said...

Illinois is rotten with groups like this. Unfortunately, I still have kinfolk in Illinois, and I remember driving there a few years back in July and there was a big government worker rally in Springfield with a fat angry woman shouting through a bullhorn "Raise my Taxes! Raise my Taxes!"

Of course they want taxes raised. They are vampires, and Illinois is becoming a dessicated husk.