Friday, September 14, 2012

As American embassies all over the Middle East burn, Obama tweets about Beyonce and Jay-Z! (PHOTOS)

This President is a disgrace and a low class, pandering, narcissistic, incompetent, egotistical FOOL. 

On September 11th mobs in Cairo stormed the American embassy and tore down the American flag, replacing it with a black Islamic flag. While this was happening, Obama was doing an interview with DJ Laz ("The Pimp with the Limp") on a local Miami radio station, talking about the Miami Dolphins and hip hop. The President gave no mention of the September 11th anniversary. More clashes are taking place outside the embassy in Cairo again today. On the night of the 11th and carrying on into the 12th of September, the American embassy in Libya was attacked, despite explicit warnings given to the Obama administration about a possible attack. 4 Americans were killed in the embassy, including US Ambassador Christopher Stevens, who was raped and murdered by the bloodthirsty mob, and then had his body carried through the street in a scene reminiscent of Mogadishu. 3 other Americans were wounded in the attack. Yesterday and today, American embassies have come under attack in Yemen, Sudan, Tunisia, and London.

And this president has the audacity to send out a tweet about his $50,000 a plate fundraiser with Beyonce and Jay-Z? Barack Obama is an awful leader worse than Jimmy Carter was. He not only entertains bad politics. His leadership skills and indifference to American interests are despicable! Barack Obama thinks because he won in 2008 based on speaking skills and platitudes alone, that he can breeze through his presidency in the same fashion and everything will be ok. While Americans are under attack in foreign lands he continues to campaign first and lead second, which has been the story of his entire presidency. As Hillary Clinton said four years ago, "Shame on you Barack Obama!"

We need a leader. Not a campaigner who only knows how to give speeches and attend fundraisers.

Mobs stormed the American embassy in Cairo on September 11th

The lifeless body of US Ambassador Chris Stevens is dragged through the streets of Benghazi, Libya

Mobs gathered outside the American embassy in London Friday

Libyan Muslims paraded the body of Christopher Stevens through the streets following Libyan embassy attack.

Bloody fingerprints indicate American victims were still alive while being dragged out of the Libyan embassy.

Muslim mobs torch fast foot restaurants in Tripoli, Lebanon Friday.

Mobs gather outside the American embassy in Yemen.
As our President continues to campaign during all of this, liberals scream and point the finger at the American citizen who produced the anti-Islam documentary and at Mitt Romney. This is a perfect demonstration of the revolting, shameful anti-American leanings of the left. 


Anonymous said...

Calling them "radical islamists" or "moslem extremists" makes no more sense than the term "extremist nazis". If they exist... a true non-violent, moslem willing to peacefully co-exist with other religions is not welcome in mecca. We must have the spine to label islam itself as our mortal enemy.

Anonymous said...

People die all over the world and campaigns go on and whether this was a Republican or Democrat people have jobs to do and so life goes on. Did Romney quit campaigning? He's so touched. I'm sure he reached out and consoled the families himself. No he POINTED fingers 1st.


The world goes on. You think that your grocery store stops selling food, do you think the slaughter house stops making steaks, do you think entertainers stop performing, do you think the NFL cancelled it's games? NO. That would be giving in and losing.

Just another one of your Hack jobs.

You think the Ambassador would want these kind of posts? He was there to help the Libians. He worked with them. Bengazi is the new Al'quada stronghold. More militants that fought in Iran came from Durham, Libia than any other islamic country. Tripoli is the Capitol it's much safer and Bengzi is the new Al'quaida city. It was a dangerous place to be period.

Keep crying Obama it's Obama, your party is making this administration the scapegoat, which isn't working. Your man Mitt can't do Shit! It's truely sad looking at these pictures. It makes me want to make sure we educate them better because their hate of American's is spurred by Christians that hate Muslims. Propaganda by these Militants creates more hate.

But in a way 30 years of past Administrations and their own rulers subjecting thier own people to low wages and unemployment wears on a youthful nation. Hence the Arab Spring! Mubarak having $5 Billion in banks and suffocating his own people and we buying off the peace through $ and Military props justs looks bad to Arabs. Dictators are just bad period.

One Religion always hating another Religion is a recipie for War. Misinformation and hate leads nowhere except to the slaughter house.

Didn't your Mother teach you Hack that it's rude to point?

White Guy in Alaska.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where Noriega, one of our puttpets was trained?

Does anyone know who Bin Laden was trained by?

We grow our own enemies and then knock them down after we abandon them and they turn against us for using them. Why was that a policy?

White Guy in Alaska.

BTW ... Noriega taught and Graduated from West Point.

BTW ... Bin Laden taught by the CIA.

Go figure.

Anonymous said...

So its all Romney's fault now when he has no control or input in the process and while black jahid flags are being raised over three of our embassies ....and yet more to come, Obama is yukking it up with JZ and Beyonce and laughing it up as a celebrity on Letterman? This guy is AWOL from the commanders chair and you that think this is cool should stand in front of Ambassador Stephen's family and explain to them how securely Obama has a handle on this crap. Hillary? I am so tired of hearing her canned response of "America condemns this violence against us" that I could puke. God, please send us another Gen. George Patton.

Masculist Man said...

When it came to foreign policy Reagan knew how to take care of business. We need a Reagan right now.