Thursday, September 6, 2012

10 Interesting Facts About Mitt Romney

10 Interesting Facts about Mitt Romney

Young Mitt rushes to womens' aid
1) In 1967, while serving as a missionary in Nantes, France, Mitt Romney, then 19, was involved in a fight while trying to defend two women from a team of French rugby players. After being alerted to the situation inside his dorm, Romney immediately ran outside barefoot in the snow to where the 2 women were being harassed. Romney ended up getting punched in the face and suffered a badly bruised jaw.

Romney tussles with rapper Sky Blu
2) In 2010, Mitt Romney got into a physical and verbal altercation with LMFAO rapper Sky Blu while on a flight from the Winter Olympics in Vancouver to Los Angeles. According to reports, Sky Blue leaned his first class seat back onto Mrs. Romney's legs, prompting Mitt Romney to loudly ask him to lean his seat back forward. Sky Blu stated Romney first grabbed his shoulder while a Romney spokesman claimed Sky Blue had become "physically violent". Canadian authorities boarded the plane and removed Sky Blu from the flight.

Romney joins rare racially inclusive frat in 1966
3) In 1966, Romney joined the most diverse and racially inclusive frat on campus at Stanford University. Phi Kappa Sigma, as described by those there at the time--- "We were known as the nice guys. We treated women with respect, we had a reasonably diverse membership, and we were good students." The year before Romney joined, two African American students became members, making that particular chapter the first to accept minorities nationwide. 

Mitt's Massachusetts church burned down
4) In 1984, while serving as the bishop of a Mormon church in the Boston area, Mitt Romney's church mysteriously burned down. Many had suspected it to be the result of arson. 

A fatal head on collision in France...
5) In 1968, at age 21, Mitt Romney was involved in a fatal head on car crash while serving as a missionary in France when a Mercedes driven by an intoxicated Catholic priest swerved into his lane. One of his passengers was killed and Romney ended up pinned so badly, rescue crews had to pry him from the car. He suffered broken ribs, a fractured arm, concussion and facial injuries. French police found the other driver at fault in the accident.

Governor Romney refuses salary for 4 years
6) As Governor of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007, both Mitt Romney and Lt. Governor Kerry Healey took no salary.

Mitt Romney saves kidnapped girl with massive rescue effort
7) In 1996, Mitt Romney helped rescue the kidnapped daughter of business partner Robert Gay. After Gay had notified Romney that his daughter was missing, Romney shut down Bain Capital entirely and flew 30 workers to New York City where he set up a command center to facilitate the search for the 14 year old girl. Romney also hired a private detective, established a toll free hotline for tips, contacted all of Bain Capital's business partners in the city and coordinated with the NYPD. Not long after, a call came in which police traced to a basement in New Jersey where the 14 year old girl was found shivering and in deteriorating health from a massive drug overdose. Doctors stated she might not have survived another day. Said Robert Gay, "It was the most amazing thing and I'll never forget it till the day I die."

Mitt builds relationship with cancer stricken boy
8) In 1979, Mitt Romney visited and comforted a 14 year old boy with terminal cancer. At the Republican National Convention, Ted and Pat Oparowski recalled the relationship between Mitt Romney and their terminally ill son, David Oparowski, who was undergoing treatment in the hospital. "They developed a loving friendship," Pat Oparowski said. David, knowing Romney was a lawyer, requested Mitt write down his will. He also wanted Mitt to pronounce his eulogy. Romney honored both requests, and was reported to have visited David Oparowski many times in the hospital before his death.

Olympic miracle profit, and all to charity...
9) Before accepting the position of CEO for the 2002 Winter Olympics, Mitt Romney stated he would not accept any salary or severance pay for the job unless the event made a profit. After reversing the financially troubled Games' debt to a profit, he donated his entire earnings and severance pay to charity.

Romney rescue on Lake Winnipesaukee
10) In 2006, Mitt Romney, along with sons Josh and Craig, rescued six people and a dog on Lake Winnipesaukee after the family's boat sank some 300 yards from shore. According to Josh Romney, he and his brother Craig were cleaning the beach that night while Mitt was tinkering in the garage when they heard screams coming from the lake. After seeing the bobbing heads of the capsized family, Josh and Craig immediately jumped on their jetski with Mitt following close behind on the other jetski. The three Romneys plucked the struggling family members, 3 men and 3 women, from the water while making trips back and forth to and from the beach. Mitt Romney himself took a tumble into the water when a frantic victim tipped over his jetski while trying to climb aboard. All 6 people and the dog were safely transported back to dry land.

You can question the man's politics. But you can't question his character.

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The Born Again American said...

Barack Obam ate a dog once...

Silverfiddle said...

But I thought he was a felon who had killed women with his bare hands and enjoyed leaving women to die on the steps of hospitals.

Anonymous said...

CHARLOTTE — Employees at three companies that went bankrupt after being taken over by Bain Capital spoke at the Democratic convention on Wednesday, accusing Romney’s firm of exploiting workers for profit.

President Obama has spent months attacking Romney’s business career, which the Republican nominee has put at the top of his political resume, using stories from the companies whose laid-off workers were represented onstage.

The most dramatic tale came from Randy Johnson, a former worker at Bain-owned Ampad in the 1990s, who described how the private equity group took over the company, fired its workers, then invited them to reapply for jobs with lower benefits.

“What affected me most was having guys the age I am now come to my desk, and cry; guys who had nothing to fall back on,” Johnson said.

Ampad eventually went bankrupt. But Bain made about $100 million off the deal through management fees and the sale of its stock.

“I don’t think Mitt Romney is a bad man,” Johnson, a longtime Romney critic across multiple campaigns, told the audience. “I don’t fault him for the fact that some companies win and some companies lose. That’s a fact of life. What I fault him for is making money without a moral compass. I fault him for putting profits before people like me.”

“But that’s just Romney economics,” he said.

More Bain Stories here ...

So the difference is if he personally knows me he's a nice guy ... but if he has no ties to me I'm just a suit and a tie and a chess piece. Oops shoot he took my Rook ... to the unemployment line for me.

No thanks you can keep him.

White Guy in Alaska.

Hack said...

Preach your partisan babblings to the thousands of employees of Sports Authority, Dominos Pizza, Staples, and the extensive list of other companies Mitt Romney and Bain Capital saved from going under. They had an 80% success rate at Bain during Romney's tenure. While Mitt Romney was creating Obama was.....???. Keep using the Bain attack and see where that gets you. The Obama campaign blew 100 million in Bain attacks in swing states over the summer and the polling data didn't budge.

Anonymous said...

As far as number 5 goes, the pictures show a white Mercedes, not a black one. Try to get your story straight.

Anonymous said...

I heard Rush Limbaugh tell about #7
I want to cross post this

The Conservative Lady said...

There are many stories about Mitt Romney's compassion and integrity we will never hear because he does not advertise them. The LSM will not tell the stories, either. I just heard Glenn Beck talking about how MSNBC lies purposefully about Mitt Romney.
I have yet to hear a heartwarming story about President Obama. We do hear about his penchant for drugs and hanging out with Marxists.

@anonymous...sir/madame, please stop watching MSNBC.

Anonymous said...

Although Romney isn't the greatest candidate for president, Obama is the anti-Christ. As a good friend of mine once said, it's like choosing between a booger and a turd, I'd much rather have a booger in my hand than a turd any day...