Thursday, March 1, 2012

Liberals celebrating the death of Andrew Breitbart

This is a shocking headline I woke up to today.

Andrew Breitbart dead: Outspoken conservative was 43

A sad day for conservatism in America indeed. Breitbart was one of the most outspoken people in politics today. He, unlike most others in today's politically correct world, was unafraid what others would think of him. Now that Mr. Breitbart has passed, the lefties can hardly contain their joy! Some comments from tolerant liberals coast to coast in response to his death:

"One down.............."

"You reap what you sow. I don't wish anyone death, but the world is a better place today."

"LOL, LOL, LOL, good riddance to the insecure little tiny creep....All the hate and racism in his heart, in his after life, we are certain the little weasel is being chased by Lions in Kenya, Obama's Sr. homeland..."

"Drug addict. Just like Rush Limbaugh. I wonder why these so called Christians don't have a problem with these meth/coke/prescription drug heads when it's one of their own? Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy."

"May you be met at the gates of hell by all of your fellow hate mongers gone before you and may all the rest of them follow soon behind."

"LMFAO! Piece of shit! See ya!"

"They say that only the good die young. This is not the case this time. In fact, when the autopsy results are released, I hope it says he died of some incurable STD or flesh eating bacteria. And I hope in his last seconds of life, he screamed out in agony."

"explaining karma to a teabagger is like explaining calculus to Sara Palin!"

"Glad he's dead."

"Wow, prayer does work I guess. Now, I'll just pray for the rest of the idiot GOP to actually read a book, and maybe that will finally spell the end of the idiot conservative right. . . "

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! YES!!!! The country is a FAR better place now with this anti-American traitor DEAD!!!! Happy warrior? More like hateful racist. DEAD!!! DEAD!!! DEAD!!! The rest of you teatards are next. LOL!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

"Yay! One LESS conservative!!!"

So much love and tolerance from the left in this country!

And some more from readers at MSNBC...

"rest in peace? no. no. rest in hell. taking a gun and shooting someone causes clear, evident and tangible damage. poisoning the well of political discourse like mr. breitbart dedicated his life to doing, may not cause clear, evident and tangible damage, but it most undoubtedly cause a great amount of damage.

the man was the lowest form a human being. the only solace we can take is that we did not have to share this planet with him for longer.

to his know what he did. i apologize if i dont feel sorry for you."

"Breibart an investigative journalist? What drugs do you take to boost your ignorance. You are being laughed at along with your despicable so called American patriot friends. Breibart was a pig, a dick, a liar and fraud. i will not miss him and will not be guilted by the likes of your despicable "comrades " in crazy- The GOPricks."

"Its a wonderful day in America when a pig like that dies from his own hate. For all you so called christians he was the devils advocate of Lies, distortion, bigotry, and division.Dont worry hes so nasty even the devil will kick his dead ass out of hell."

And more from tolerant readers at the Daily Kos...

"Piss on him."

"How can I say Rest in Peace and Rot in Hell simultaneously?"

"It is difficult to sort through these feeling when such an odious, hateful, cruel lying sack of shit dies....but

Far as I'm concerned they can't bury him deep enough."

"Whatever it may say about me, I am unable to muster up a shred of compassion or respect for this truly despicable human being. His sudden departure made my day."

How about this column titled I'll say it about Breitbart.

He was a piece of shit. Period. 
Just because he is now dead does not change that fact. At all. 
I know I'm supposed to be sensitive about the fact that he just died. There is always a certain modicum of respect that is given to those who recently pass away. That respect is apparently given to anyone, even those whom we do not respect.
I'm sorry, but Breitbart doesn't even qualify for that. He was a complete piece of shit, ripe full of vitriolic hate for anyone who disagreed with his views - you know, us. That alone doesn't disqualify him though. Because not only did he despise anything progressive or liberal, not only did he deliberately obfuscate and outright lie with both his words and postings of edited videos about us and groups that help our cause, he willingly attempted and successfully destroyed lives and reputations in the process.

Similar reactions can be seen all over the internet from foaming at the mouth leftists exhibiting rainbows of multicolored ecstasy and joy exploding out their butts because of Andrew Breitbart's death. How nice of them. And really, I could care less if they hated the man. I could care less what they say about him. They can say all the hate filled despicable things they want and it won't change a thing. I don't expect any better behavior from liberals, I really don't. This is merely pointing out the absolute hypocrisy the left exhibits day in and day out. As the champions of peace and love, one would expect more. But the more you realize who liberals really are, the more you come to understand they aren't the champions of peace and love at all. Which only makes more sense why they continue to support the rights of murderers, pedophiles, rapists, terrorists, and various other law breakers and people with no moral fiber in this country. So, the comments we see around the web today really should be no surprise!

And on an added note, why do atheist liberals who hated Breitbart continue to mention how he is in hell? I am still waiting for an answer on that one...


It is also worth noting that Breitbart was planning to release some highly secretive and highly anticipated films of Obama's radical college years just before the election.

I am no conspiracy theorist, but this information is worth taking into consideration. Your thoughts...


Anonymous said...

Should we rehash the response to Whitney Houston's death from Fox News forums? Or, better yet, let's revisit Andrew Breitbart being so famously kind and honoring someone else's family when Ted Kennedy died:

You can't make this about "the left" being cruel because "the right" does the same thing. The combination of the internet and politics and a 24 hours news cycle has created constant vitriol from everyone. To assume that one side of the political gauge is somehow morally superior is to choose blinders.

Anonymous said...

Just go to Western Hero and read the comments from Ducky's here.

Leftist vitriol at its best.

Andrew made enemies because he was plain and simply an awesome Conservative champion. They knew it. He knew it. We all knew it.

Was he perfect? Nah. Did he ever make mistakes? Sure. But no leftist could stand toe-to-toe with Andrew intellectually. And the left hated that about him.

What does the left have that compares to the brilliance of Breitbart? Exactly.

Leftist websites and news organizations are treading lightly and respectfully of Breitbart's passing, for it is a sure truth that they realize one of their betters has gone on.

Hack said...

Mike, I can make this about the left because the left consistently touts themselves as the voice of tolerance in this country. Tolerance for radical Muslims. Tolerance for baby killers. Tolerance for advocates of homosexual sex education in elementary schools. But ZERO tolerance for anyone on the conservative side in politics. I consistently see more utter hatred spewing from the left than I do anywhere else. Thank you for reaffirming my belief that people on the left side of politics are truly idiots.

Anonymous said...

I made no attack on you, but you follow you comment that you see more hatred spewing from the left with people on the left are "idiots". You really don't see the double standard there, do you?

You say, "feel free to say anything you want" excluding profanity (which I agree with), but then attack because someone disagrees with you. If I were to take the "my side against yours" stance, then I would counter, "Typical conservative, hurling insults because they can't have a conversation."

Do you see where this is going?

Hack said...

Mike, I called you an idiot because you are an idiot. Maybe this will clarify some things. First of all, I don't care what people say. I don't expect a nicey nicey world where everyone is nice. I don't expect liberals to bow down in respect for Breitbart, just like I wouldn't if say, Nancy Pelosi died. Just STOP pretending to be the voices of love, tolerance, and peace in this country because everyone knows it is a lie. The comments today are mere proof of that. I'm not looking for an argument over this. It is stupid and pointless. I FULLY acknowledge that the right says terrible things when people like Ted Kennedy, or John Murtha, or Osama bin Laden die. The glaring difference is that we don't tout ourselves as the "enlightened", "tolerant", "humanitarian", lovers of peace.

The Conservative Lady said...

Sad day. This is a loss of a truly fearless patriot. I thought the same thing about the Obama college tapes. Let's hope those who follow him are as committed to the truth as he.

Anonymous said...

"Mike, I called you an idiot because you are an idiot."

Brilliant! I'm so glad I found this blog!

Chuck said...

"To assume that one side of the political gauge is somehow morally superior is to choose blinders."

No. It's the willingness to see things as they are. Leftists are pieces of shit. You're on the side who was rooting for the people who lost the Cold War. You're on the side that maintains that killing a child is a "constitutional right". You're on the side that celebrates vermin and attacks virtue whenever you see an opportunity to do so. You people are pieces of crap because pieces of crap are what you've decided to be. The person who notices what shitbags you are isn't the problem. The problem is you being a shitbag. You can quit whenever you like. Your miserable existence is your responsibility and it isn't coequal with the lives of your betters.

You're beneath us because the gutter is what you've chosen. The mirror is where you'll find your biggest enemy.