Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Huffington Post article by Larry Doyle ridicules Santorum and Catholics

Larry Doyle, the enlightened tolerant liberal, wrote a (supposed to be) satire on Rick Santorum and the Catholic church called...

The Jesus-Eating Cult of Rick Santorum

You can read the repulsive sexually explicit rant against Catholics for yourself. I won't post it here.
This passes for journalism? The Huff Huff Huffington Post is a laughable excuse for a news outlet. Even the liberals over there are outraged by this article. From what I have read, many fervent readers of the Huffington Post, and likely Catholic Democrats, are vowing to never read the "news" the site has to offer again. Good. Maybe these liberals have a chance. They can obviously see how their side conducts themselves now.

Thank you Larry Doyle for proving to the rest of the country just what kind of values the left projects! What is truly hilarious about Doyle's criticism of Santorum and the Catholic church? He tries to connect Catholics to NAMBLA, an organization HIS side of politics fights for! He then compares Rick Santorum to a Muslim, another group his side continually strives to fight for.


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