Saturday, March 10, 2012


Every day it seems, I read about another celebrity, pro athlete, politician, or media personality who has exceeded the bounds of professionalism and human intelligence by posting something asinine on Twitter.

The latest casualty in the Stupid War is Cher. Michelle Malkin brings this idiocy to light on her new website,, highlighting all the bogus idiocy, child like rants, misspellings and grammatical errors from today's most popular people on Twitter.

Adolescent irrationality and emotion seem to explode from Cher's underdeveloped brain to her keyboard where she "tweets" some of the most unbelievably infantile, misled, and emotionally charged cow dung to ever grace the Twitosphere.

"Don't believe in the Right wing's effort to Subjugate women! WHO R THESE MEN WHO THINK THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO TAKE WOMEN BACK TO THE STONE


AGE ! We talk about how radical Muslims take away the Rights of their woman, but HOW CAN WE LET These RW Misogynistic Cretins take away


Our BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS ! IF THIS Was Happening in another Country Woman Across The USA Would B outraged ! Well Girls wake up & Smell the


Coffee,you're in another Country! U young women don't realize what NO FREEDOM FEELS LIKE! WITHOUT FREEDOM YOU HAVE NOTHING !


Every minority has had to fight for their civil Rights,i thought we won the rights to our OWN Bodies in the 60's...SILLY ME! Im so furious


HURT, OUTRAGED ! How do a bunch of old white political extremists get to do this 2 us? God North Korea has higher favorable #'s than they Do


Get a fkn Dictionary ! RT @MilkKnNnHoneYy @cherI don't understand a fckn word! :D


Why? Passion is what is needed when a crime is being committed against our sisters RT @EliseTheLovely@political rant is scaring me!!


Ok ill sit down,shut my mouth, calm down,stop being passionate! Im not Ranting Im WARNING!Out Of Everyone I THOUGHT U would Understand? :-(

Wow. What ever happened to professionalism and maturity? And this isn't strictly Cher or politics. This type of behavior can be seen all across the spectrum of stardom. Pro athletes. Media tycoons. Politicians. Hollywood elite.

The internet has become the perfect tool for disconnect. How much easier it now is to vent, rant, attack, insult, and degrade from behind a computer screen than to actually say these words to someone's real 3D face. I admit I am guilty of this, and I think anyone else is who has ever visited,,, or any other online public forum is guilty as well.

Twit-ter, however, takes this immaturity to a whole new level. Now, we can actually get news stories of controversial statements made by public figures because the public figures actually release it themselves. Smart, to a degree, if you want free publicity. But on Cher's part, and countless other celebrities, (who force one to wonder if they ever completed 4th grade spelling) their utter stupidity, proliferated by their very own doing, is plain as day for all to see.

What a world we live in.


The Conservative Lady said...

Good post and right on point. It's scary to think these airheads are who some in America look up to.

Gorges Smythe said...

There's a lot to be said for speech writers and publicists.