Friday, March 9, 2012

Professor Derrick Bell says he "lives to harass white people." So where's the controversy?

This just gets better and better, doesn't it?

Professor Derrick Bell, the man young Barack Hussein Obama told us to "open up our hearts and minds" to so many years ago is not the bombshell. Nor is the above clip, though certainly inflammatory.

Derrick Bell is yet another piece in the gigantic puzzle that is Barack Obama. A puzzle that also includes pieces called Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Rashid Khalidi, and countless others. This gigantic puzzle is the bombshell, as we will find out over the course of the year. Piece by piece. As the late Breitbart is being ridiculed now by the mainstream media for the so called "dud" released days ago, it will happen again and again as new pieces about Barack Obama surface.

They will continue to scream, "Where's the controversy?!"

The Civil Rights Movement was pointless and futile. Where's the controversy?
White supremacy is the order of the day. Where's the controversy?
Black Americans will never achieve liberty in America. Where's the controversy?
The Space Traders. Where's the controversy?
I live to harass white people. Where's the controversy?

Fact: Derrick Bell's life, study, and theory was completely 100% predicated on one thing and one thing only- the unchanging characteristic of white supremacy existent in all white people.

The left can ignore these truths all they want. What they can't do is stop the Breitbart machine, with the help of an army of independent conservative journalists, from churning out this information as the year progresses. Then the people can decide.

And don't forget, there is one hugely powerful mechanism that is on our side. This mechanism attracts more viewers than all the major liberal networks combined. This mechanism is #2 in news link traffic behind Google. This mechanism is the Drudge Report. That has to count for something.


Anonymous said...

Where, oh where, do you find these videos?

Nicely done, sir.

Nothing is better than presenting facts from the leftists themselves to prove their hatred and vitriol for true equality.

"I live to harass white people." I see a great t-shirt idea there, ala Sixth Sense.

Pumice said...

At our school we are scheduled for "unconscious bias training." My guess is that he is one of the inspirations for this.

We don't have money for new books. We don't have enough custodians. But we have money for this.

Grace and peace.

Anonymous said...

Here's unconscious bias for ya, according to the leftists:

Is your baby racist? Oy.

So like homosexuality, which the left applauds, racism is also something we are born with. To them it is not a learned behavior. Yet the left will cry that a young black kid growing up in the ghetto who turns to crime is a victim of his environment. Go figure.

molly yanity said...

An open letter to Hack Wilson & White America. Let's discuss: