Sunday, March 11, 2012

Marxist Influences: Barack Obama's childhood and adolescence.

In this post I will cover the manner in which Barack "Barry" Obama was raised from childhood on. I understand the ignorant liberal, or indifferent everyday American, may view this information as pointless. To that I would say, grow up a little bit more. I am not going to waste my breath drawing crayon pictures for you explaining the principle behind the idiom "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

Who were some of the central figures in Barack Obama's youth?

Stanley Ann Dunham (MOTHER)- Barack Obama said of his mother, "She was the dominant figure in my formative years ... The values she taught me continue to be my touchstone when it comes to how I go about the world of politics." Interesting stuff. It isn't surprising though, how Ann Dunham's worldview rubbed off on her son Barack. Ann's first radical progressive influences came in late junior high at Mercer Island High School in Washington state. There she adopted the principles taught by teachers Val Foubert and Jim Wichterman who pushed an anti-authoritarian, anti-religion, progressive worldview on their young students. (the hallway between the two classrooms was dubbed 'anarchist alley'.) The teachers regularly caused protest from parents, by forcing students to read the Communist Manifesto and HL Mencken, Karl Marx and the pro homosexual writings of Margaret Mead. Ann blossomed. Former classmates remember Dunham as "ahead of her time, in an off center way" and "the original feminist." Barack Obama's mother held deep convictions about religion and politics throughout her whole life. She was adamantly opposed to religion, even being described by Obama himself as "a lonely witness for secular humanism." Former classmate Maxine Box said of young Ann, "She touted herself as an atheist, and it was something she'd read about and could argue." While in college, Ann met Obama Sr. in a "Russian language" class. Interesting. Her dissertation was a Marxist interpretation of peasant workers in Indonesia. She routinely questioned Capitalism and Democracy and would ask, "What's so bad about Communism?" Needless to say, Stanley Ann Dunham was an extreme far leftist with a sweet tooth for Communist philosophy, and an utter disdain for religion.

Barack Obama Sr. (FATHER)- Raised a Muslim, Barack Obama Sr. regarded himself an atheist before ever meeting Ann Dunham in Hawaii. He had 3 other wives and seven other children aside from Ann and Barack Jr. He didn't tell her he was still married to a woman in Kenya when they married in Hawaii in 1961. 2 years prior, he wrote an article in Kenya called "The Problems Facing Our Socialism", which one could argue exhibit a certain degree of Communism, if not far left leanings. Barack Obama Sr. studied economics at Harvard. He continued his education while Ann raised Barack Jr., not seeing him until 1971, when he visited Ann and Barack in Hawaii for a month. Barack Obama Sr. was bright, though a womanizer, non existent father, and eventual alcoholic.

Stanley Dunham (MATERNAL GRANDFATHER)- Described as boisterous, outgoing, and sometimes out of touch, Barack Obama's maternal grandfather, with whom he lived much of his childhood in Hawaii, was also a Communist sympathizer. During the late 1950s, while living in Mercer Island, Washington, The Dunhams attended East Shore Unitarian Church. Also known as "The Little Red Church on the Hill", it taught a liberal theology and embraced Communism. After the family moved to Hawaii, Stanley befriended one Frank Marshall Davis, known Communist, anti-Christian poet. A friendship developed between the two which eventually led to Davis being introduced to the young Barack Obama. Obama later writes in 'Dreams from my Father' about a man named "Frank" (he never mentioned his last name) who would come to the house, read poetry, drink whiskey, and smoke marijuana with Stanley Dunham. Barack would often sit in and listen. In 1997, the FBI destroyed their file on Stanley Dunham, indicating he posed at least some risk to national security in years past.

Frank Marshall Davis (FRIEND AND MENTOR)- In Dreams from My Father Barack Obama describes his  relationship with Davis during the 1970s while living in Hawaii. He describes him as a "mentor", and one he could always look to for answers. Obama's half sister Maya Soetoro-Ng also speaks how her grandfather, Stanley Dunham viewed Davis as a "point of connection" for Barack. Davis was an active member of CPUSA (Communist Party of the USA). CPUSA contributing editor Gerald Thorne says, "Davis was a decisive influence in helping Obama to find his present identity". Davis was a poet whose themes included anti-American rhetoric, pro-Soviet Union rhetoric, black nationalism, and insults against Jesus and Christians. One poem called "Christ is a Dixie Nigger" describes Jesus as another "new white hope." Another praises the Soviet Red Army. Davis was also the author of a book called Sex Rebel, where he details his sexual exploits in the most pornographic of terms, including bisexuality, sado-masochism, orgies, and encounters with 13 year old girls. Davis, the mentor of the young Barack Obama, was a staunch Communist, hater of Christians, drug dealer, and a complete pervert.

Evie/Turdi (NANNY IN INDONESIA)- Just recently information has been discovered of a man/woman who cared for Barack Obama during is early childhood in Indonesia. Between the ages of 6 and 10, Barack Obama was put in the care of "Evie", a transgender, who was born a man and is now a "woman". Evie recalls making Barack laugh when he would put on his mother's lipstick, but always trying to "appear manly" in front of Barack, and not wear any women's clothes. Evie now works as a prostitute in Jakarta.

Is it any wonder why Barack Obama blossomed into the confused, Marxist that he is? Born and raised into the ideologies of Communism from day one, there is no doubt that these tendencies translated into early adulthood and on. Like prerequisites to more advanced classes, the indoctrination by his mother, grandfather, and Frank Marshall Davis in his early years planted a deep seed inside Barack Obama from a young age that would cultivate and stimulate his yearning for higher degrees of radicalism. Jeremiah Wright. Bill Ayers. Bernardene Dohrn. Derrick Bell. Rashid Khalidi.

Maybe one day the majority of the American public, Democrat and Republican, Liberal and Conservative, Atheist, Christian, Gay, Straight, will finally understand just who Barack Hussein Obama really is.


The Conservative Lady said...

I never heard of "Evie" before. This information was available (except for Evie) back in 2008, but nobody in the LSM cared to make an issue of it. It's good you're reminding us of it again. I'll pass this along and post it on the Vetting Obama page.

Anonymous said...

..and there's the wind-up and the pitch...


Holy guacamole, that one is outta the park! Home run, home run! Wilson does it again!

Dude. You are freaking brilliant. This is awesome research!

Hack said...

Thank you! Most of this information is out there for anyone to find. What I find shocking is that much of it was put out there by Barack Obama himself in his books. Yet, no one even thinks about the implications.

Always On Watch said...

A brilliant post!

Yes, the info is out there, but getting it all together in one post in an act of patriotic service.

Anonymous said...

why is Obama writing about his father, who apparently didn't want anything to do with him. And the "white" people who took care of him and educated him are not noteworthy to him.He came from a family of communist but this was never brought to light before he was elected. Feel sorry for this country,

Anonymous said...

Frankly, the information in "Dreams From My REAL Father" seems the most interesting and realist out there yet. If you have not seen it, you should. It gives so much to think about.

The fellow who developed it has mailed out a million for free to states that are swing states.
Here is the link: