Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Women of Obama: Ugly as Sin

Thanks to Adrienne over at Adrienne's Catholic Corner for posting this. The original link is here by Zombie, with pictures of a left wing "War on Women" protest in LA. The march features some of the ugliest, most vulgar, disgusting creatures this country has to offer. All Obama voters.

Women are supposed to be loving, caring, nurturing, beautiful, gentle, graceful, and kind. These are not women. These are evil, vile, ugly creatures who live inside female bodies. These are the types of "women" who vote for Obama and believe in the conjured up "War on Women". Not my taste. Not any man's taste I venture. I'll stick with beautiful conservative women who love children and who take pride in...being women!


Adrienne said...

They could all use a decent bra, too! Just sayin'

Really - what happened to white gloves and such? I remember my mom pinning my bra strap to my dress so it wouldn't dare peek out (strappy summer dresses.) Now little girls wear their underwear on the outside.

Those women are just vile - dirty and unkempt. Can you even imagine being married to one of them. Ugh!!!

Hack said...

Adrienne, I actually dated a liberal leaning girl some years back. That didn't last long and I haven't touched a liberal "woman" since. Conservative women have better personalities, are generally more physically attractive, and know what being feminine and a woman is all about! The women on the left desire to be masculine and they represent none of the listed female qualities they should have.

Kid said...

They're about as disgusting as the islamics.

Proof once again that if you give a loser an inch they want to take a light year. That's 6 trillion miles btw.

Gorges Smythe said...

I guess you don't HAVE to be trash to be pro-abortion, but it looks like most such women ARE.

Silverfiddle said...

Reminds me of the old Carlin routine: Ever notice that the feminists talking about sexual freedom and abortions are women nobody would want to have sex with anyway?

Tim Shey said...

I heard Ann Coulter on FOX News mention that Janet Reno was the sex symbol of the Democratic Party.

Most liberals are into this non-sexist, androgynous lifestyle: the men aren't masculine and the women aren't feminine. I would never go to a Democratic convention because I would look around and wonder which ones were the men and which ones were the women.

You may want to read this sometime:

"Hillary Clinton"

Unknown said...

These look like Obama's "Compressed" women on the march.