Wednesday, May 30, 2012

ABC's Jake Tapper: One of the last remaining journalists out there.

Jake Tapper has proven to be a lonely voice of reason in a world full of Diane Sawyers, Andrea Mitchells, David Gregorys and Wolf Blitzers.

He seems to possess at least some journalistic integrity and a desire to ask questions, instead of playing cheerleader for his favorite politician. Which, by the way, doesn't appear to be Barack Obama.

Jake Tapper actually does his job as a journalist and more in the dying industry should want to do their job the way he does.

Some examples of Tapper challenging the Obama administration...

Here is a video of Tapper tangling with Jay 'Opie" Carney on the government assassinating Americans without due process. "What do you think Constitutional law professor Obama would think of this?"

Tapper challenged Carney again on union thug and Obama butt kisser Jimmy Hoffa saying of the Tea Party, "were gonna take these sons of bitches out."

Here is another gem featuring Tapper challenging Carney and the Obama administration on secretive policies to stifle aggressive journalism.

Jake Tapper seems to be the only journalist in the White House press corps to ask any questions of substance. Instead of acting like a liberal activist, as so many of his colleagues do, he tells it like it is, asks the questions Americans want to hear, and doesn't stick to the lib-media script. Like one commenter wrote, "It's a miracle ABC hasn't fired him yet."


Silverfiddle said...

The liberal hate him because he's not a compliant toady like the rest of the press corps. He's one of the good ones.

Kid said...

I sure hope this stuff and attitude gains some steam.