Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Barack Obama imagery shows all the signs of a dictator.

Throughout history, those is absolute positions of power love to express their ego and narcissism by plastering their own image for all to see. Take the latest dictator, Barack Hussein Obama "tweeting" his old worn out line from 2004 in desperation...

The above Obama campaign photo is quintessential dictator propaganda. Just like all other dictators throughout history who sought absolute power and desired to influence the masses through iconography and self imagery.

The propaganda of other presidents? Good luck finding anything...except for maybe this:


Silverfiddle said...

Yes it is. It is hero worship of the worst kind. A cult of personality and it is sickening.

The Conservative Lady said...

Oh, this one is so going up on the "Vetting Obama" page.

Left Coast Rebel said...

How could this happen in America?

Max Powers said...

I found a few more









Hack said...

A fan poster that features a photograph of a politician doesn't count Max. Nice try Commie.

Kid said...

No doubt obama is a dictator.
Nothing about this bastard is real. It's all hype. Not only is it 100% hype, it's maximum hype. In the top 4 presidents? Saying "Ok, kill osammi" was the gutsiest call EVER? WTF?

Worse yet, people buy this crap?

Outside of job security, I just don't why what the media wipes his butt and gives him a BJ every 10 seconds. Are they ALL gay?

The answer to any tough question is almost always money, but really, all this for "money"? Gotta be more to it.

Unknown said...

Now the Obummer slogan is "Forward". The same propagandist term as touted by Engels, Trotsky, Lenin, and Mao.