Friday, May 4, 2012

Democrats insult women and minorities.

It's amazing how two people of different persuasions can look at the same thing and come to completely different conclusions.

Take special interest groups in politics for example. Where a liberal sees rightful "social justice" a conservative sees blatant degradation towards said groups.

The latest example of this can be seen in the Obama campaign's newest propaganda technique. Julia. Julia is a fictional character representing the average American female. The Obama campaign highlights Julia's life, from childhood to old age in a series of propaganda style illustrations. In each illustration explaining a stage in Julia's life, Obama explains how Julia is better off because of Obama. Overall, what you take from the entire mechanism is that American women cannot and will not succeed without Obama. Thanks to Left Coast Rebel for posting about this. He explains it better than I could...

Julia needs "Daddy" Obama (or Dear Leader; whatever you want to call him); without being a benefactor of Dear Leader's graciousness, Julia has no chance, no shot at anything whatsoever.

How predictable and utterly useless. These people are disgusting and have no shame whatsoever.

In fact, I find the "Julia" campaign highly offensive in that it almost specifically insinuates that American women in particular have no chance in America at every single point in their lives without the guiding hand of a benevolent socialist government.

This is what Democrats do. Democrats create special interest groups, lump them all together like good obedient serfs, and then tell them they cannot succeed without big, liberal government. Republicans do this too, but nowhere near the ferocity in which Democrats do. Obama has taken it to new heights.

Democrats degrade and demean women and minorities in a sly, twisted way that actually appears to be the opposite. It isn't. The self righteous liberals treat women and minorities like they are second class citizens. Or dumb kids. Kind of like a special ed teacher pulling them aside from the rest of the class and talking to them in a slow, overly encouraging way..."THERE you go...good job! You did it!" 

There is only one problem. Women and minorities aren't dumb kids. They are equal to everyone else. Conservatives say let them be held to the same standards equally. Let them be treated equally like everyone else in class. Liberals pull them aside with their noses pointed straight up and lead them off to the special ed room for "extra" help.

As long as they vote Democrat of course.


Fuzzy Slippers said...

great post (as usual!). This ad is everything that we could hope for: it shows total disrespect to women, outlines the cradle-to-grave Nanny State policies of the Commie-in-Chief, spits in the face of the American Dream, and undermines small business owners.

Hard not to see this as a win for our side.

The Conservative Lady said...

Great post, Hack. I posted on this earlier today, too, although I didn't pinpoint it as an insult to women and minorities (which it totally is and I should have mentioned it). My focus was on how this is the what Obama has planned for all of us in order for the left to remain in power indefinitely.
I also linked to the response given by The Heritage Foundation called, "A Better Life for Julia". They did a good job of countering the Obama version.

Hack said...

Thanks you guys. Yes I just finished reading that Heritage Foundation response before I saw your comment. Great stuff!