Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Progressives support a regressive worldview.

Progressives and liberals love to call themselves the champions of progress. But what they really fight for are policies and principles that contribute to the crumbling of society.

Long, long ago in a far away land humanity thrived and procreated under the premise of traditional norms. Men work and provide, marry women, women have babies, the culture/civilization progresses. This was the fundamental principle behind the progress of civilizations and cultures from all over the world from the beginning of humanity, until say 1965 AD. In the blink of an eye, the traditions of every single civilization, from the Aztecs to the Mongols, were simply cast aside and thousands of years of human history thrown in the garbage can.

All of a sudden, liberals and progressives decided these ancient traditions are no longer needed. Feminism taught women they don't need men and don't need to have babies. Homosexuality became equal to heterosexuality. The tradition of marriage has become worthless. The pillars of a prosperous and thriving society came under vicious attack. The family. Traditional marriage. Childbearing.

The results of the progressives' regressive worldview is a startling drop in birth rates in the West.

In the United States, we have gone from 25-30 births per 1000 people from 1910-1960, to just 13.8 as recently at 2009.

It is the same story in Canada.

Native Europeans are literally dying off. Their civilization is drying up like a drought ridden creek bed. They are literally being outbreeded by Middle Eastern immigrants. 

Within 50 years, at the very most, Europe will be a Muslim dominated continent. Muslims simply have more babies. But in the West, we don't have babies and this scary phenomenon is the direct result of the progressive counterculture that ravaged the West in the 1960s. Progressives fight tooth and nail for homosexuality to become the norm, for women to refrain from childbearing, and for "abortion on demand". Each one of these beliefs contributes to the absolute destruction of a society and civilization.

Progressives and liberals are the most anti-progressive people on the planet. 


Kid said...

Hack, you are pumping out the quality stuff as if late, or maybe you always did.

Anyway, a common pacifistic strategy no?

I remember very strongly in Braveheart where King Longshanks verbalizes his net strategy to beat the barbaric Scottsmen - "We'll breed them out".

It is clear that many blacks have adopted this and there is no doubt about the muslims. They couldn't possibly win an armed conflict, therefore - breed them out.

Hack said...

Thanks Kid! I've been trying to put up some quality info this year. The election has raised the stakes.

Kid said...

"The election has raised the stakes. "

Very much so. This is for all the marbles.

Jim McKee said...

My wife is from England. I've told her I believe that, within the not-too-distant future, it will be the Holy Islamic Republic of Great Britain, for just the reason you cited: greater birth rate among Muslims.

Here we may just fend it off; certain minorities will give the Muslims a run for their money in that regard (and I mean no offense by that statement, just a recognition of fact).

Also, BTW, in case anyone thinks so, I do not hate Muslims. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion, including Islam. I do believe that, just as Christianity underwent a reformation, so too does Islam urgently need a similar process, to being it in line with other tolerant religions (such as Judaism and Christianity).