Monday, May 14, 2012

Barack Obama has no balls.

Yeah I said it. And why does he have no balls? The guy can't make a single decision or statement without some kind of underlying political benefit. Even some career politicians like John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, or recently ousted Republican Dick Lugar have exhibited some type of conviction or backbone at one time or another. Barack Obama does nothing but lie, pander, and lobby like there's no tomorrow. He would sell out his own family if it meant gaining some sort of upper hand in the great, dirty political game.

This is one of the greatest reasons why I dislike Barack Obama. Not just because he's a Democrat. Heck, compared to Obama, Harry Reid is one of my favorite people. I dislike Barack Obama as a man. I hate his cocky narcissism. I hate his little boy trot and adolescent handshake. I hate his stuttering during speeches in between words as he tries to calculate the next most politically correct statement he can muster. And I hate the way he uses his daughters as political ammunition for virtually every issue, the latest being gay marriage.

Even race baiting extraordinaire Tavis Smiley can see through the smoke and mirrors, recently referring to Obama as a "tragedy" who only makes decisions with "political calculation".

Barack Obama is a living breathing political machine who will do anything to gain a political upper hand. Even those on the left can see this. Barack Obama speeches are so politically correct and fake it is nauseating. How can someone possibly be on both sides to every single issue? Somehow it is possible with Obama, as he deliberately takes advantage of the idiot vote, convincing them that he is both for and against abortion, for and against out of control spending, for and against war, for and against locking down the border, for and against SuperPacs, for and against drilling, etc.

The Europeans recently humiliated our man Obama in a recent satire highlighting Obama's usage of the phrase "continues to punch above its weight..." for virtually every country he sits down with.

Can this guy ever say anything without some sort of fake, political calculation? The guy is the walking, talking embodiment of political correctness. He is a product, manufactured and marketed from day one like Hallmark manufactures and markets birthday cards. Maybe one day The United States will have a man as a leader again, instead of a little boy with no sack. 

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